Concrete Demand from Africa

Posted on: 19.11.2012    13:34:01

The world is constantly changing. We have seen a recent increase in demand, not only the Middle East and North Africa but also from emerging economies elsewhere in Africa. This is explained in part by the fact that substantial parts of the continent do not have the baggage of yesteryear and are now using cash flow from natural resources to fund investment and expansion.

We know that this is the model in the Middle East where huge amounts are reinvested into education creating a worldwide shortage in ESL teachers and now the hunt is on For SAP workers from around the globe as the Middle East invests in technology and shortly the engineering demands will hit as Saudi Arabia starts to invest in solar energy.

Investment in Africa is coming from unexpected quarters. How many of you are aware of Norway’s strategic oil and gas investments in Angola and how this is giving rise to opportunities to provide specialist support staff from places like Poland as the local infrastructure is to immature to have the resources available locally. In turn this brings export earnings into the hard pressed UK as we arrange staffing with selected partners.

We are also being asked to provide Engineering staff into West Africa including train drivers into the mining sector and something different arises weekly. Life is never dull forinternational recruitment agencies in the modern world.

We are currently sourcing for a European controlled entity looking for expat staff with old school professional skills in a number of areas including concreting and drainage.

It seems the whole of the world is looking for experienced plant fitterswith a can do attitude and Australia, that used to have the biggest cheque book, is now beginning to lose out with West Africa now beginning to compete with the tax free salaries offered further north.

We are always interested to hear from Employers with skills shortages as we are able to source globally and we can be contacted through out quick contact form. Also any candidates interested in overseas positions can forward their CV’s to


Author: Chris Slay

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