Companies ‘taking steps’ to avoid redundancies

Posted on: 27.11.2009    02:38:33

Many firms are putting measures in place to avoid making redundancies during the downturn, even though several companies are “feeling the pain”, one source has observed.

Vanessa Robinson, head of human resources practice development at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, said that the majority of organisations faced with having to make staff cuts are looking at options.

She pointed out that firms are using flexible and part-time workers rather than full-time staff, as this can keep productivity at high levels without reducing employee numbers.

“I think the flexible working is probably less of an issue around the recession per-se, it is probably more around asking people to reduce hours, rather different ways of working,” Ms Robinson said.

Her comments came after the Confederation of British Industry issued a report revealing that employers are keeping a tight rein on pay, but recruitment freezes are starting to thaw and some of the dramatic changes made to cut costs are being reversed.


Author: Chris Slay

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