Commercial Pilot Jobs Demand Mushrooming

Posted on: 08.11.2012    13:10:44

The statistics are staggering and international recruitment agencies are struggling to make even a small impact on demand that varies from FIFO (fly in fly out) roles associated with the Australian mining industry through corporate jets to the largest of inter continental airliners where demand is burgeoning in the Middle East and Asia.

This is giving rise to skills shortages everywhere:

  • Dash 8 and B200 pilots are needed down under
  • China and most of Asia have First Officer and Pilot seats available at up to US$200k a time if you have 3000+ hours under your belt
  • South Korea and Indonesia are emerging as places with high demand but are struggling to compete with China’s chequebook
  • The Middle East is striking a number of strategic alliances and with billions being ploughed into new aircraft demand for experienced Pilots, which is already strong is set to grow exponentially.

Read about some of these things and you quickly appreciate that demand stretches way beyond the pilot seats as infrastructure demands have to be met especially through the investment in training for ground crews.

There are opportunities for Western Europe and North America to play a significant role in training although it is clear that the BRIC countries will be investing in direct training lead by China as it seems the amount of international training is woefully inadequate.

So how do Pilots go about securing these opportunities? Well if you don’t have the experience called for in adverts you are wasting your time but most Pilots could do a lot more to improve their presentations which are generally half hearted and incomplete.

Remember you have to be in it to win it. Your job is to stand out from the crowd.


Author: Chris Slay

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