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Posted on: 13.01.2012    10:14:15


Looking for skilled and professional workers?

First of all, thanks for visiting Skills Provision’s website. Did you know we are one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK and Europe?

We’re actually rather modest but we’d like you to know that we have skilled and trained recruiters and career consultants who help businesses like yours everyday. From managers in the USA, teachers in Saudi, mechanics in Norway, plumbers in Melbourne, we’ve done it all.

We run our own business so we know how valuable getting the right workers is. Get it right and your business will operate superbly, but get it wrong and its a disaster.

Recognising that importance and caring about it is exactly why we know we can help you.


We do what we say.

No magic, no illusions, just good old fashioned delivery of what we promise. You want skilled workers who meet your criteria – we deliver them. Job done.

We have a careful selection process, carried out by us, as if we were selecting our own workers. This saves you time and allows you to get on with running your business whilst knowing that we are working on your behalf.

We won’t lure you with free pens in the post or empty promises but we will make sure we supply what we have agreed to.


The straight answer is (and we’re not afraid to admit it) to say that we don’t know exactly right now, but we hope that you’ll share that with us. This is your business, these are your workers, so we’ll work with you to make sure you set the criteria and let us know what YOU want.

Working together we will find you the workers you are looking for.

All we can both be sure about at this stage is that you want workers who meet your criteria and who are skilled, experienced, hard-working and reliable. This is what we can supply to you.


Contact us. Send an email to us at, tell us what you want and let us know when would be a good time to talk. We’ll contact you and take it from there.

No fuss, just giving you what you want as and when you want it.


Author: Chris Slay

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