Business Link to get the Chop What next?

Posted on: 30.06.2010    21:05:10

Business Link has many detractors and I rather like Mr Prisk’s expression of too much “signposting” but not enough doing.

The costs of delivery were far too high and function events much too lavish to be justified but  the consensus view was that it did a pretty good job in educating those that were new to the business arena and considering the hardest step of all, leaving the comfort zone of employment.

Now I’m all for cutting costs but  there does seem to be an absence of joined up thinking unless further plans are to be announced.

How will people get help into the future? Will the banks provide it? Will Accountants and Lawyers or is the government hoping that local chambers of commerce and business clubs like #4N and the FSB will take up the slack?

With the aspiration to create 2.6 million jobs in the next 5 years then 80% are likely to come from the Micro/SME sector and if a bridge is not put in place between the government and the private sector then these targets are unlikely to be met.


Author: Chris Slay

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