Boom and Bust Anything but in Australia

Posted on: 23.08.2012    17:47:34

As an international recruitment agency we are constantly writing about global skills shortages but had to smile when the cancellation of a couple of projects in Australia brought the end of the world that much closer for the Australian resources boom.

In an excellent article in the Australian the myths are debunked and the reality is that at most this is a pause, but in reality a small hiccup but you do need perspective.

No place is an island in the search for worldwide talent to fill international skills shortages and Australia would do well to reflect on this point.

No longer is the UK the main supplier of talent having been overtaken by China already and likely to fall to number 3 behind India during 2012.

Why is this? Exchange rates make Australia less appealing to the would be expat, escalating cost of living and egg bound visa processes mean many would be migrants look elsewhere especially where they have choices.

A Doctor can stick a pin the map anywhere and find work so why wrestle with Australian bureaucracy for 12 months unless there are secondary reasons for wanting to work in Australia.

Australian politicians and employers need to work harder to attract international talent as the people Australia really wants have choices themselves.


Author: Chris Slay

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