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Posted on: 19.03.2012    16:16:41

As an international recruitment agency we receive recruitment offers ourselves from around the globe as so many countries have high levels of unemployment and see us as a means of generating foreign revenue for them. We reject most approaches as they are under researched and show a lack of understanding of market dynamics.

Occasionally we receive an interesting offer that we choose to publicise as it could be useful for our client base. As many of you know our roots as an international recruitment agency are dug deep in the West Country of the UK, where tourism is a very important revenue stream throughout the region that boasts some of the very best Hotels and Restaurants in the UK.

Historically the region has struggled to attract staff and has been a heavy user of Polish workers, not just within catering and hospitality but across the board in manufacturing and engineering for example, as well as farming and food processing. Demand has been down in 2010 and 2011 but judging by requests coming through there is at least fresh seasonal demand and we have recommenced the supply of people on a minimum 6 month contract.

To help with supply we have turned to trusted business partners who confirm that the popularity of working in the UK is now increasing once more, no doubt aided by the weakness of the Euro as much as anything else. We are happy to recruit from individuals, to couples, through to teams on either a seasonal basis or long term where we would be happy to employ them and sub contract them to you, but this calls for greater co-operation between the parties to protect all involved.

The offer only extends to organisations that have live-in accommodation available. To receive full details you need to register on this site and make contact through our quick enquiry form as we need to send you an information pack.

We have approximately 100 Polish workers pre-screened and ready to be in the UK before Easter, but it is a first come first served offer. We doubt very much that the recruitment price offered will be repeated as our suppliers have offered us exceptional terms, the benefit of which we propose sharing with you.


Author: Chris Slay

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