Australian Immigration

Posted on: 03.03.2011    21:36:09

Almost 5 million people born overseas live in Australia out of a population of 20 million. More migrants move to Sydney than any other Australian city.

Australian Citizenship Facts

After immigration, you need to spend two years as a permanent resident in Australia before you can apply for Australian Citizenship.

Australia’s Migrants I

Around 24% of Australia’s residents were born overseas. This compares with 20% in New Zealand, 17% in Canada, 10% in the USA and 6% in the UK.

Australia’s Migrants II

Australia has been a magnet for immigration for many years. In fact, Australia’s immigration policy used to be targeted towards attracting people from the British Isles. The emphasis now is to attract anyone from anywhere who has the skills to contribute to Australia’s future.

English competence together with certified trade or professional skills are required.


Author: Chris Slay

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