Australia Needs Sparkies

Posted on: 23.06.2011    18:02:36

OK, so I have broken the first rule in an international recruitment agency and that is not to use acronyms or nicknames when writing about a subject but I needed a headline catching title to light up this article.(sorry)

Well, we all know that Australia has massive skills shortages in virtually all sectors but you just never know what is going to come up next.

Mining still tops the demand list with 50,000 + infrastructure support which along with Oil, Gas and Petroleum probably tops 100,000

Engineering is not far behind but there is some cross over in the numbers.

Healthcare, needs 10’s of thousands and other professional services seem just as short.

Having said no to Accountants, there is now apparently a 20,000 shortage presumably as nobody was there to add up the numbers.

It is a crazy market.

Well today the clarion call is for “sparkies” – more properly called Electricians, Electrical Fitters or Electrical Engineers depending on where you hail from on this shrinking globe.

It’s almost as though Australia has a skills gap of the day – and today’s dish is Electricians.

Depending on location, activity and experience the pay rate ranges from A$75,000 up to A$150,000 for those with several years mining experience.

So on today’s menu are 12 positions in Queensland but there are more all around Australia.

Please spread the word and with Australian partners we can arrange all the 457 visa issues but the lead time to a job offer is generally creeping out to 2 months but these should be quicker and will be fast tracked but, that is about 3 months for 457 visas to come through.


Author: Chris Slay

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