Australia Needs Experienced Engineers

Posted on: 05.05.2011    12:12:01

We only recently wrote about Australia’s need for all types of Engineers. Just this morning we had a request for an Industrial Electrician to start yesterday and this is part of the problem as we ourselves don’t know of specific shortages until we are advised.

Another example is that we didn’t know that there is a shortage of telephone engineers and speculatively sent some deals to our colleagues in Australia and got a virtual instant response let us have a full information pack.

Market demand is so strong so you need to be visible when an opportunity arises.

Our advice to any certified Engineer with 2/3 years hands on experience is to look at the working holiday visa route that means you can get to Australia in a matter of weeks as we can work with you to get to get an Employer sponsored visa in the first 12 months.

Australia’s skill shortages are reaching crisis point now with many large projects and contracts being put back or on hold as a result of this situation. Never in Australia’s history has it been so short of Engineers. The rate at which these skilled people are leaving the workforce is almost double the rate at which they are entering.

To add to this, Australia has now well and truly established itself in the ‘International Business Community’ and as a result more work is heading Australia’s way therefore exacerbating an already chronic situation.

There is no ‘quick fix’ as Australia cannot turn out enough qualified people from its educational institutions and even if it could they would need many years of experience to reach the industry standards required for them to meet employer expectations.

Australia needs Engineers with experience, not just graduates.

It is a terrific opportunity for any Engineers interested in working in Australia.


Author: Chris Slay

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