10 Tips for Effective Recruitment in 2011

Posted on: 04.01.2011    10:30:04

Over the years we have observed repeated mistakes in recruitment usually associated with a lack of planning so here are some simple suggestions to be followed:

  1. Establish from your business plan the scope and timing of likely recruitment needs.
  2. If the requirements are not transparent engage in a dialogue with the likely users as to the skills that are required and the timing.
  3. Once an agreement is reached document the requirements in a detailed plain English job description and obtain internal sign off.
  4. Examine the options available to you. Internal reorganisation to release talent, promotion from within or to look outside. It might be a case of promoting from within and infilling below through external recruitment as you must be conscious of internal morale issues.
  5. If you decide it is necessary to step outside do you intend to handle recruitment yourself or to outsource?
  6. Does your requirement best suit direct recruitment or would outsourced labour be the best solution. Make sure you understand all the options
  7. If stepping outside and using a third party listen to their input on pay rates, bonuses and their view of the best approach.
  8. Decide on the role that the third party is to undertake. Do you want applicants screened and at what level? When do you want to become involved?
  9. Agree reasonable deadlines with third parties to allow them to do their job properly.
  10. If a third party asks questions about your company or suggests changes to the job description it is in your interests to consider the suggestions and to respond promptly. Indeed if they don’t ask questions you must question whether they have sufficiently researched your requirements.

All of the above is obvious but you would be surprised how few businesses follow a planned process and end up rushing their fences and making hasty recruitment decisions that often turn into costly mistakes. Lastly, be accessible, state your preferred contact method and don’t ignore communications.


Author: Chris Slay

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