Job Description Design & Technology School Teacher

Job Title

Teacher  of Design & Technology

Line Manager/ Reports to

Insert as applicable e.g. Head of Department

Team/ Department

Insert as applicable


Insert as applicable

Job Ref & about the school  

Social Media info etc 

Core Objectives

To provide and contribute to the teaching of Design & Technology under the direction of the Line Manager, in accordance with the national curriculum and applicable syllabus, using appropriate  materials and schemes of work.


Evaluation and assessment of pupils’ work and report on pupil achievement and attainment in line with school policy.


Attend all requisite meetings, contribute to applicable Study Support and SEN meetings and maintain and supply requisite information that may be required for individual pupils.


Provide and contribute to supervisory duties, administrative routines and duties, pastoral and curricular matters in accordance with school policies


Contribute to the work of the school as a whole and groups within it.


Main Tasks/Duties and Responsibilities 



Day to day responsibility

– teaching all applicable areas of the curriculum insert additional information as required e.g. key stages 3 and 4

– organising classes and taking responsibility for the progress of classes

– maintain discipline whilst motivating pupils and facilitating their development to meet agreed targets

– planning, preparing, presenting and marking classes in an imaginative, positive, stimulating and active way, facilitating development and meeting the needs of the whole ability range within the class

–  regularly reviewing classes and your teaching methods

– maintaining appropriate records, including assessment and recording of pupils’ development, including, as applicable insert e.g. Hods, SILs or Senior Leadership and Management

– providing feedback of pupils’ progress as required

– responsibility for health and safety in the classroom and in the school environment.

– take part in the school’s “life”, and pastoral and curricular activities outside of classes including those which take place at evenings and weekends

– build and maintain co-operative relationships with pupils and their parents/guardians

– work with parents and governors to maximise their involvement in the school and the development of resources for it

– liaise, co-operate and work with others, such as insert e.g. SENCo

– meet your targets and contribute to those of the team as a whole

– support colleagues and contribute towards the smooth running of the team and the school

– adhere to and promote all school values, policies and procedures

– maintain your professional development and maintain currency with the curriculum and current educational thinking and practice by personal study and attendance at courses, workshops, meetings and reviews


The duties outlined in this job description are in addition to those covered by the latest applicable Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document as modified by your Line Manager.

You will work within the framework of national legislation, including Education Acts from 1994 (and Schoolteachers Pay and Conditions Act 1987 and 1995 documents), as regularly reviewed and amended.

From time to time you may be expected to perform other duties or be part of special projects as are reasonably required of your job role.

You are responsible for your allocated workload and must meet all targets as agreed with your Line Manager. You must contribute towards the smooth running of the school generally.

Secondary Tasks/Duties





The role is part of the whole school team and as such requires you to use perform such reasonable tasks that are required, as and when are necessary, to maintain, promote, develop and expand the school, its pupils and its interests generally.


You must carry out your duties to the best of your ability, having consideration for the needs of your colleagues, the school and its pupils. You must obey all lawful and reasonable orders given to you and comply with the school’s rules, procedures and policies

Management and use of equipment



You are responsible for the equipment provided to you for use in your job role. This means you must ensure equipment is used in accordance with training provided, all the school’s policies and procedures and the law and using, where applicable any safety equipment or Personal Protective Equipment provided. You are responsible for ensuring that the equipment used by you is maintained and can be operated at all times.

Essential Abilities/ Competencies of this job role

You need

– qualifications sufficient to perform the job role – insert as applicable and required

– certification – insert as applicable

– to have been subject to an enhanced CRB disclosure

– languages required – insert as applicable

– experience  in this type of job role – insert as applicable e.g. minimum 5 years

– excellent analytical, interpersonal, organisational, observation and communication skills

– to be motivated and dedicated to your vocation

– to be friendly and approachable and a team player

– excellent attention to detail

– to demonstrate good time management and class management skills

– to be flexible and responsive to feedback

insert anything else required


You need to have and maintain (with regular training and updates as necessary) the knowledge, technical skills and qualifications that are necessary to perform your job role to comply with the requirements of the school and any applicable rules, regulations (particularly of any professional body) and with any law which applies to your job role.

Salary level C – £30,000
Benefits insert details of any benefits

Approved by Name

John Smith

Job Role

Insert details as applicable

Date approved