Job Description Construction Site Manager

Job Title

Construction Site Manager

Line manager/ Reports to

Insert as applicable e.g. Director

Team/ Department

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Core Objectives

The overall construction, development, direction, planning, performance, co-ordination, management,  progress and maintenance, as agreed on a site to site basis, from conceptual development stage through to construction completion, to obtain the maximum productivity, efficiency, quality and profitability for the organisation upholding all aspects of construction compliance and health and safety standards and adhering to budget and agreed criteria.


Main Tasks/duties and responsibilities 



Responsibility to staff and direct the team to

– construction development, direction, planning, performance, co-ordination, management,  progress and maintenance, as agreed on a site to site basis, from conceptual development stage through to construction completion, to obtain the maximum productivity, efficiency, quality, service and profitability for the organisation upholding all aspects of construction compliance and health and safety standards and adhering to budget and agreed criteria

– ensuring that the team understands that the organisation’s profits and achievements are reflected in all its operations and activities – including relationships

– meet your targets and those of each site team as a whole

– the efficient running of each site team

– contribute to training and development of each site team

– maintain budgets

– assist in achieving maximum customer satisfaction in accordance with organisation plans

– maintain overall responsibility at each agreed site for performing all duties in compliance with related legal/statutory, building and associated applicable regulations, professional duties, responsibilities and obligations, including maintaining agreed health and safety standards   and insert as applicable


Day to day responsibilities agreed with your manager to include:

– direct, plan, manage and monitor the overall progress and performance of each allocated site adhering to deadlines, completion dates, and agreed budgets and criteria

– schedule and coordinate all design and construction processes

– effective liaison, support and assistance on each allocated site and with the whole of the organisation

– risk analysis – assessment and recommend and implement required changes

– maintain and improve mechanisms for activities, including surveying and measuring the operations, process, outcomes and profitability and disseminate feedback to the appropriate internal entities

– utilise agreed systems to manage functions, analysis and documenting

– direct development, to include management to achieve targets

– assist in developing plans for progress and growth

– support to all other sites and organisation departments with related issues

– subject to agreed criteria, recruitment, training, set action and targets, appraise and manage performance, development, coaching and general support of all team members to ensure targets are met

– reporting, including progress reports (content and format as agreed) on a monthly basis or as otherwise agreed

– immediately report problems/failures that may impact on the organisation and/or its clients/customers to Line Manager

– developing plans for site and team operations to include strategy to achieve agreed targets

– assist in the development and preparation of the strategy and general business planning of the organisation as a whole.

– delegate authority and responsibility to team with supervision, accountability and review

– set an example for team members of commitment, site management and activities, work ethics and habits and personal character

– maintain accurate records

– responsibly use resources and control expenses to meet budgetary controls

– adhere to all organisation policies and procedures

– interact and co-operate with all members of the organisation, its suppliers and customers


From time to time you may be expected to be part of special projects as are reasonably required of your job role.

You are responsible for your allocated workload and must meet all targets as agreed with your Line Manager. You must contribute towards the smooth running of the organisation generally.


Your usual hours will be from 9am to 5pm. However you will be expected to work as and when necessary to meet the needs of the team and your targets.

Your job will be a mixture of office based, site based and travel

Secondary Tasks/duties





The role is part of the whole organisation team and as such requires you to perform such reasonable tasks that are required, as and when necessary, to maintain, promote, develop and expand the business of our organisation and its interests generally.


You must carry out your duties to the best of your ability, having consideration for the needs of your colleagues, the organisation and its clients/customers. You must obey all lawful and reasonable orders given to you and comply with the organisation’s rules, procedures and policies

Management / supervisory responsibilities



People or equipment


People who report to you

You have responsibility for other team members who will all report directly to you



You are responsible for the equipment provided to you for use in your job role and to your team. This means you must ensure that equipment is used in accordance with training provided, the entire organisation’s policies and procedures and the law and using, where applicable any safety equipment or Personal Protective equipment and clothing provided. You are responsible for ensuring that the equipment used by the team is maintained and can be used/operated at all times.

Essential Abilities/ Competencies of this job role

You need

– qualifications sufficient to perform the job role – insert as applicable

– languages required – insert as applicable e.g.  English, Polish

– experience in this type of job role – insert as applicable e.g.  minimum 5 years

– thorough understanding of construction management, requirements and dynamics – insert specific as applicable

– to be able to use software – insert specific software if required

– ability in management and customer/supplier relationship management

– leadership with ability to drive an organisation  and team

– proven ability to develop others

– high degree of integrity and honesty in all dealings

– excellent analytical, interpersonal, organisational and communication skills

– ability to work under pressure

– good project management skills

– full driving licence

Insert anything else as required


You need to have and maintain (with regular training and updates as necessary) the knowledge, technical skills and qualifications that are necessary to perform your job role to comply with the requirements of the organisation and any applicable rules, regulations, (particularly of any professional body) and with any law which applies to your job role.

Special working Conditions

You may be expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s overtime policies

Insert following if applicable – The nature of your role will require you to travel within the area that your team covers. However, from time to time you may be expected to travel outside that area as the job role requires.


Salary level C – £45,000
Benefits insert details of any benefits

Approved by Name

John Smith

Job Role

Insert details as applicable

Date approved