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Irish Employment Agency

Skills Provision is a UK based Irish employment agency.

As Ireland’s economic situation continues to strengthen the demand for skilled labour has never been so intense. Almost on a daily basis local companies are making contact, requesting urgent manpower support.

Sectors currently desperate for manpower include:

  • IT
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

Whilst Skills Provision hold a healthy inventory of available manpower the list is not endless. This means employers with shortfalls are urged to make contact as soon as possible.

The starting point for all recruitment-based solutions is the dreaded job description. Without specific details on the requirement it is impossible to provide effective support. If assistance is needed in this area, don’t panic, the consultants at Skills Provision are on-hand to assist. Their moto will always be, the client’s needs come first.

Skills Provisions Irish employment agency is quickly developing a strong localised reputation, this has only been possible off the back of a lot of hard work and placing quality operators into vacant positions.

With a decade of hands on experience Skills Provision offers skilled operators’ exclusive access to exciting jobs around Ireland. When it comes to delivering employment based solutions you will find no better provider.

The Irish employment market is changing rapidly, so much so that various strategic alliances are being developed, this is needed to keep pace with the growing demand.

If you would like more information on the services available simply call +44 (0) 2079890750, alternatively you can email or fill out one of the website forms.