International Recruitment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a large country taking up most of the Arabian Peninsula.


Saudi recruitment


The oil sector is prominent within the region. Saudi has the 2nd largest proven reserves in the world. It stands to reason that oil companies are the main employers.

Skills Provision have been active in the Middle East for well over a decade. When skilled operators are needed, even at short notice, we are on-hand to deliver.

Whilst attractive tax-free salaries lure workers into the area, harsh working conditions and long hours, mean the working environments will not suit everyone.

Delivering effective international recruitment services in Saudi Arabia is based on consistency. Yes, we have a first-class record in supporting employers, but we are very precise when it comes to our selection processes.

The starting point for all new projects is to generate a solid understanding of the requirement, here we will request a detailed job description. Our in-house form covers all the main employment points.

Please note, we only embark on projects that offer workers a fair and reasonable salary.

Employing companies, if you would like more information on our recruitment services please make contact at the earliest opportunity, you can do this by emailing or utilise one of our website forms.

Please note all enquiries are dealt with in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.