International Leisure Employment Agency

For over a decade Skills Provision have been involved in leisure-based recruitment.


International Leisure Employment Agency


Whilst most of our placement contracts are based on temporary and seasonal jobs, we also place people into full-time employment positions.

The leisure industry offers fantastic opportunities for young people. Many of which want to expand on their experiences, develop new skills, make new friends, whilst seeing something of the world.

Whilst the leisure industry offers exciting opportunities there is also a serious side. Due to many associated factors with placing young workers Skills Provision need carry out each recruitment task diligently. Our responsibilities go much further than filling placement quotas.

As a leading international agency, employers, in any location, are guaranteed a professional service, one that has the scope and resources to source, pre-screen and place large numbers of people.

If you have a recruitment need and would like more information on our services, we will need specific details on the requirement. Following the competition of our job description form our recruitment consultants will be able to provide an official quote and give guidance on timeframes.

Those that are interested in working in the leisure industry are advised to register on our website. Please note, submitting, detailed, accurate information will go a long way to securing a position.

Employers, if you would like more information on our international leisure employment services please email, or utilise one of our website forms. All enquiries are dealt with in a timely, professional and confidential manner.