International Food Processing Employment Agency

Skills Provision supply manpower support to companies operating in the food processing industry.


Food Processing


With a large database of available workers, we are perfectly positioned to support the employer. We also have an extensive international network; this means our trawls stretch far and wide.

A point to note for employers. Whilst we have a large database, we will only take on projects that offer a fair and reasonable salary.

Many food processing companies rely on migrant labour to keep factories running. The aim for our organisation is to continually place the right people into the right jobs. When this is achieved hiring costs are reduced and factories operate more effectively.

The majority of food processing companies require large numbers of workers, to that end the exact requirement needs to be understood and enough time given to source, process and screen candidates. Initially we will request a full job description, the accuracy of this document aids effective recruitment.

As a leading international food processing employment agency our performance is measured by the quality of workers we source. Since our inception over 10 years ago we have not failed to impress a single client.

If you desperately require manpower please contact our agency. You can do so by emailing our Support Team at, or utilising a website contact form.

Please note, all enquiries are dealt with in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.