International Courier Employment Agency

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, so does the demand for couriers. Already we are seeing signs of demand outweighing supply.


As a leading international courier agency, we have the available manpower, saying that these resources will not last forever. If your business desperately needs delivery drivers, you need to take proactive steps, planning ahead will always be a good move.

Whatever location you are in, Skills Provision have an employment solution to suit your needs.

Our typical contacts cover:

Following initial contact our consultants will request a job description. Please take your time filling in this form, accuracy here will help. Don’t worry if you find the form difficult our seasoned consultants are on-hand to assist. The aim for our venture is to get things right first time. That way the recruitment processes that follow are more effective.

Please note, we will not accept projects that offer unattractive packages. In a candidate strong market offers need to be pitched at the right level.

New clients will be allotted their own recruitment consultant. This helps with continuity and developing strong working relationships.

If you would like more information on our international courier employment services, please make contact at the earliest opportunity. You can do so by emailing, calling +44 (0)2079890750 or utilise one of our website forms.

Please note, all enquiries are dealt with in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.