In Recruitment, all that Glitters is not Gold

There’s much talk about recruitment from Romania. As an organisation we’re delighted to be involved, however all concerned need to exercise caution as the country houses its fair share of charlatans and frauds. These groups or individuals are sophisticated and pray on the gullible from both inside and outside the country. Targets are those who have not carried out the correct levels of due diligence.

Legislation, within Romania allows recruiters to take a fee from candidates if they can offer a job. This practice may be acceptable in some jurisdictions but not in the majority of European Union countries. We believe the practice will be outlawed at some point in the future; as yet no one is sure when this will be. It’s also possible to charge fees for “job search services” however this can only be done if partnership agreements are in place with overseas employers or international agencies.

This is how the scam works.

A gullible employer or a naïve recruiter enters into an agreement and provides details of a job.

The job is then circulated, to say 100 candidates, requesting 100 Euros to arrange the placement. If 50% respond that’s 5000 Euros profit. If numbers increase to 20 jobs or 1000 people the potential gain dramatically increases all with little prospect of securing a job.

These types of scams have a short shelf life. The Romanian jungle drums beat loudly. Anyone falling prey to a scammer will find the information blasted across online forums, newspapers, blogs, etc.

Note, a corporate brand can be damaged by this activity.

If you have any concerns regarding the legitimacy of a recruitment proposal or are interested in hiring Romanians, we are here to guide you through the process.


Author: Chris Slay