German Economy is Racing Ahead

The German economy leads the way in the Eurozone, it is therefore important it performs at the highest level. When this is achieved, Germany sets a good example to other member states.

German worker

This week Germany released its quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures, these showed an expansion of 0.6%. This means the economy is growing at the fastest annual rate since 2014.

The German government will be pleased with these figures as it moves towards next month’s general election.

Experts state that economic growth is mainly due to rising domestic demand and sound investments.

On the job front the picture is also positive, unemployment is at its lowest level since reunification, something Angela Merkel will use to her advantage in the upcoming General Election.

The positive performance of the German economy has also helped the Eurozone recover ground this year.

As the leading economic performer in Europe Germany understands the pressure is on, if Germany under performs it will have a knock on effect throughout the entire region.