Fishing for talent in global markets

Are there parallels between fishing and international recruitment?

Every competent fisherman will have their favourite spot, built on experience, that has lead to success in the past.

Fishing for talent


However, the habits of fish change as much as candidates in the world of international recruitment. You won’t go ice fishing for tuna, deep sea fishing for dover sole or game fishing in chalk streams. You need to know your waters and the fish you are targeting.

OK let’s assume you know what you want to catch and you are in the right waters. What next?

Do you have the right tackle to go fishing or is your equipment likely to be incompatible with the target catch?

So you have the right offer available to reel in candidates but how will you catch them?

What is your bait? Is it the right lure, will it be seen, will the fish bite. Seen too often the fish will learn to avoid it. Seen infrequently and a lot of the target fish will swim right on by, including perfect candidates.

We all get it wrong from time to time but for sure, if you don’t go fishing you won’t catch fish.

We try to keep our catch fresh and have a display aquarium of talent that can be seen here.

Now you have clients who are suffering from Skills Shortages and you have groomed to be ready to receive your fish.

The pricing is agreed, they want the fish delivered fresh and promise and consumption within 24 hours of delivery and prompt payment thereafter.

Now the fatal flaw in the process, you have the perfect fish in your gaffe net or aquarium and you keep it in prime condition and deliver it to the client but then.

I think we all know the story.