Employment Solutions, Visas

When Skill shortages affect local and national markets employers are often forced into looking further afield. When this occurs the Visa subject invariably raises its head.


Employers should not be afraid of the processes involved, in fact the opposite, they should embrace them. Yes, recruitment takes longer, and yes, the bureaucratic processes can be complicated, however when implemented correctly suitably qualified workers will flow into an organisation.

Skills Provision is not a Visa supporting agency, however, as a leading international recruitment company we have a lot of experience on the subject. Our consultants are constantly assisting employers.

When dealing with Visas there are 3 main areas, these are:

  1. Legal
  2. Time
  3. Organisation


Depending on the location of a business and the targeted areas, all work needs to be legally compliant. This is one of the main reasons why the team at Skills Provision is hired by the employer. Legal mistakes can be costly, they can also slow down the overall recruitment process.


Organisations that require manpower via a Visa need to plan accordingly. In some cases it can take 3 to 6 months to secure employer sponsored Visas. That means manpower requirements need to be specifically planned. Think of the whole process like a slow-moving conveyor belt.


There are many boxes that need to be ticked when selecting the most suitable manpower. This means businesses need to be well organised and efficient.

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