Do Countries Need Migrant Workers?

As the CEO of a successful international recruitment agency, my answer should be, yes. However, if I look at the question objectively with no bias either way, my answer would change to no.

In most instances the reason migrant workers are needed is to fill jobs locals will not take, these are generally low paid positions.


So, how could the demand for migrant workers be reduced?

  1. Dramatically increase wages for low paid jobs
  2. Improve motivation, especially in young workers, introduce conscription
  3. Do away with state benefits for all able-bodied people
  4. Introduce effective apprenticeship schemes

Most of us complain about the ingress of migrants without fully understanding how vital they are to the corporate sector.

In essence, if locals are not going to fill all the required positions there’s no option but to bring in migrant workers.

Whilst the majority of positions filled by migrants are at the lower end they also fill specialist positions. This occurs when specialist skills are not available locally or nationally.

So, to answer my question, do countries need migrant workers? The answer is they should not but they do.