Project Planner Needed for Growing Company, UK

Serial No: 126698
Location: United Kingdom - View on map

Our client has a new requirement for a Project Planner for a CHP project in the United Kingdom

Salary & Benefits

  • £70,000 p/a
  • Benefits package available


The Role

  • Provide specialist programming support to the project
  • Manage the process of producing project programmes at the various levels of detail necessary for the good management of the project
  • Ensure that an agreed programme is produced in line with the Project Execution Plan and contract conditions.
  • Manage and maintain the documentation for the Project Management System
  • Integrate the project programme into the Project Group management system
  • Monitor the performance of all parties against the agreed project programme and report programme issues to the project management team.
  • The development; maintenance and communication of the project programme to all relevant parties.
  • Ensure that all programme information is obtained from contractors; consultants and others whose activities may have an impact on the delivery of the project.
  • Assimilate all programme information into a comprehensive project programme that is consistent and coherent.
  • Assist the Project team in the allocation of resources needed to deliver the programme
  • Prepare reports for the Project Steering Committee and others on the programme issues and identifying any areas of concern in good time for remedial actions to be instigated
  • Liaison with contractors to ensure that all information need for the good management of the project is updated and integrated into the overall programme.
  • Provide advice to the Project Team on Programme requirements of engineering specifications and contract conditions.
  • Maintain the programme throughout the project and ensure that it’s in a form that complies with the requirements of the internal Project Management procedures
  • Produce progress reports and programme status statements as required by the Project Manager and required for the management of the project.
  • Use programming techniques to provide in formation. This may include the use of Earned Value Techniques
  • Analysing programme information obtained from others and reporting on its accuracy; whether it is realistic and any condition/issues that will affect its deliverability.
  • Using construction and programming knowledge to produce the optimum solutions to the plant integration; construction and power plant commissioning issues that arise on major power projects.



  • Produce, maintain and update the Project Programmes
  • Programme reports and progress statements as required
  • Review and integrate contractor’s programmes so that they align with project objects
  • Align the programmes from the Boiler supplier and the balance of plant contractor to ensure that the project is delivered to the optimum timescale”
  • Assist with review of Contractor’s claims and assess their impact on the programme
  • Produce reports for the commercial management of the project using earned value techniques where appropriate
  • Maintain the documentation required for the Project Management System


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