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Hiring StaffAt Skills Provision we go further than any other recruitment agency by providing both off the peg solutions and bespoke support for all clients, wherever they are located in the world. To provide an effective recruitment service our organisation will require a job description. If you do not have one or are unsure how to formulate the document, simply contact our Helpdesk on 02079890750.

Why you need a job description?

  • The document forms the foundation for employment related issues
  • It can reduce organisational redundancy whilst improving efficiency
  • It is utilised by HR in the performance appraising process and new hire programs

The benefits of a job description

  • A crucial document when advertising new positions
  • Utilised during the induction process
  • Useful during leave periods (job sharing)
  • Can be used as a coaching tool for new employees Job Descriptions Aid Recruitment
  • Utilised for measuring performance
  • Important in the appraisal and annual reporting process
  • Can be utilised during disciplinary interviews
  • Appraised when looking at internal promotions
  • Can be twinned to bonus payments and incentive schemes
  • A useful document when looking to terminate an employee’s contract
  • An important document when measuring KPI’s
  • Can be utilised by management for improving Company profitability
  • Employers can make use of a job description for retention purposes

Once you have a job description you will:

  • Reduced your risk of new hire failure by over 80%
  • Be ready to engage recruiters in the hunt for talent
  • Have the necessary documentation to communicate with recruiters

We highly recommend all organisations, large or small to be in possession of suitable job descriptions.

On a holistic level a job description will provide a tangible picture of who’s doing what, from the top down and bottom up. The document aids corporate communication as it creates accountability at all levels

For more information on this subject, please contact our Helpdesk on 02079890750. Alternatively you can utilise our website forms.

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