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Understanding the Requirement

Before Skills Provision embarks on a recruitment task it’s important they know the full requirement. Following various discussions and the completion of user-friendly forms the requirements are generally understood.

Customer Service Manager


Before proceeding with a task Skills Provision make sure all the correct permissions are in place for using, sharing and storing confidential information.

Official Quote

With the requirement in place, an official quote is produced. This takes into account:

  • Advert production and syndication on relevant job boards
  • Database trawling
  • Syndication through popular social media channels
  • Consultation with overseas partners
  • 3rd party advertising
  • Number of workers required
  • Bespoke requirements
  • Evaluation of qualifications
  • Skill shortages
  • Criminal record checks
  • Documentation processing, including identification checks
  • Collation of references/testimonials
  • Interview process
  • Timeframes


When an official quote is accepted a contact is supplied by Skills Provision

Recruitment Process

Following the signing of the contract, each client is allocated a recruitment consultant. They work with the client to produce a list of potential candidates.

Client Zone

Following a stringent recruitment process Skills Provision place all suitable candidates into their Client Zone.

Online access to the Client Zone is given to the client.

If required further trimming of the candidate list is carried out.


If required the recruitment consultant is on-hand to carry out official interviews, logging details in the Client Zone or assist with the process.

Making an Offer

When the client is satisfied the most suitable candidates have been found an official offer is made. This may take into account:

  • Translation assistance required in certain jurisdictions
  • Assistance opening a bank account
  • Assistance securing a National Insurance Number
  • Travel supplements
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Integration packages

Replacement Policy

Skills Provision offer a no quibble 30-day replacement policy in the unlikely event workers are deemed unsuitable.


Skills Provision invoice a client as soon as placed workers are in post. Payment terms are 15 days.

Follow-up Services

Following the successful completion of a recruitment task Skills Provision will request a performance review and will contact a client in the future to see if more recruitment services are needed.

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