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  • We strongly advise you to keep a copy of your personal information centre details on the hard drive of your computer.
  • Place of birth

  • Military Details

  • Relationship status

  • Details from your passport

  • If you hold more than one passport please provide details of those passports

  • National identity card

  • Note: If you are the holder of multiple identity numbers because you are a citizen of more than one country, you need to enter the identity number on the card from the country that you live in.
  • Your telephone numbers

  • Children Information: Child 1

  • Children Information: Child 2

  • Children Information: Child 3

  • Children Information: Child 4

  • In the last 5 years, have you visited, or lived, outside your country of passport for more than 3 consecutive months?

  • Criminal conviction questions

  • Language (IELTS)

  • If you do not hold an acceptable certificate you will need to get certification from an approved source.

    Australia’s preferred certification is IELTS ( and if you already hold such certification please enter your scores below and provide a copy with the other paperwork.

    If you do not hold a certified English language certificate or IELTS you will need to pause your application until you can satisfy this criteria.

  • Assistance with this form

  • Documentation

  • Declaration and consent

  • I declare that:
    • the information on this form is correct;
    • I have read the notes at the front of this application, and am aware
    that I am required to abide by the conditions that are placed on my
    • after applying, I will notify the Department of Immigration and
    Citizenship of any change in my circumstances, including my address
    details; and
    • I will respect Australian values as listed on this form, during my stay
    in Australia and will obey the laws of Australia.
    For offshore applicants who are required to provide their fingerprints and facial image:
    • I understand that my fingerprints and facial image and my biographical
    information held by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship
    may be given to Australian law enforcement agencies to help identify
    me, to help determine my eligibility for grant of the visa I have applied for, and for law enforcement purposes.
    • I consent to:
    – Australian law enforcement agencies disclosing my biometric,
    biographical and criminal record information to the Department of
    Immigration and Citizenship for any of the purposes outlined above;
    – the Department of Immigration and Citizenship using the
    information obtained for the purposes of the Migration Act 1958
    or the Citizenship Act 2007.



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