Teaching Specialists  

Throughout the sourcing and placing of teachers, Skills Provision is fully supporting the international education sector.


Teaching students


Common areas we support include:

  • Junior Schools
  • Secondary/High Schools
  • Higher education (Universities)
  • English as a second language
  • Special needs
  • Private tutoring
  • Trade related

Our organisation is playing a pivotal role in placing teachers throughout the entire spectrum of education. As a global employment agency, we cover all locations.

The Middle East view European teachers in very high regard, hence we receive many enquiries from that part of the world.

Whatever the requirement, suitability for the role stands head and shoulders above any other metric, even surpassing ‘being qualified’. This is why our recruitment specialists adopt a cautious and diligent approach when working on a teacher-based undertaking.

Our availability database displays just short of 1,000 teachers, these candidates cover a wide area, from many nationalities. This alone is one of the reasons educational establishments turn to Skills Provision, without touching on our vast global footprint and best-in-class service.



For those intent on checking out our services, we highly recommend booking a service-based demonstration. This presentation highlights the services we offer, the process we use, what safeguards we put in place and expected timeframes. We also answer any questions potential clients may have.

For further information on our teacher recruitment services please email enquiries@skills-provision.com call +44 (0)2079890750 or utilise one of our website forms.

Please note all enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.