Healthcare Workers

Skills Provision has a long history of supplying Healthcare workers to local, national and international markets.

The 2 main reasons why organisations turn to us are:

  1. Dominant global footprint
  2. Our database contains 1000’s of Healthcare specialists


Care workers in a meeting


When trawling for Healthcare workers it is imperative that high levels of due diligence are carried out. This is where Skills Provision come into their own. Prior to a candidate being placed in our collaborative Client Zone Suite, over 35 detailed checks will have been carried out, this does not include pre-interviews. Rest assured our agency leaves no stone unturned in the selection process.

Skills Provision is an ethical support agency, from the very top of our organisation to the newest arrival, all members of staff are single minded in their pursuit of excellence. When recruitment can change people’s lives for the better it becomes a worthwhile pursuit.

Filling large manpower orders is something our team thrive on. Put simply, if your Healthcare business is struggling to source suitable manpower, you need to contact us at the earliest opportunity.

In addition to recruitment, we also provide free consultation advice, where needed, passing on our vast experience in retention, motivation, investing in people and dealing with multiculturalism.



To get things moving forward we advise all prospective clients to go through our service-based demonstration. This presentation simplifies and showcases our actions, procedures and systems of work so those investing in our services know exactly what they are paying for and receiving.

For more information on our Healthcare recruitment services please email call +44 (0)2079890750 or utilise one of our website forms.

Please note all enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence.