Forklift Operators

A dramatic increase in online shopping has resulted in a massive global uplift in the demand for warehousing space. A knock-on effect of that has been a natural increase in the number of companies looking for new Forklift Operators.


Forklift vehicles


As an international agency of standing, Skills Provision is constantly being requested to source more Forklift Drivers, a trend we do not see dissipating.

Whilst other agencies may view a person holding a license as someone suitable for employment, that is not the case at Skills Provision. Our best-in-class placement systems are structured in such a way that being qualified is only one aspect we consider, other areas include:

  • Loyalty towards employers
  • Language
  • Availability
  • Experience
  • Motivational levels
  • Character assessment
  • Validation of documentation

To employers, our message is a serious and constant one. Treat your skilled operatives well because in this environment they are not easily replaced. Being treated well is not only money related, investing in people covers a whole array of subjects. One thing is certain companies that have low levels of manpower churn are at the top end of sector performance and that is no coincidence.

Unlike other agencies Skills Provision holds a healthy surplus of skilled workers. Within our international manpower database we have over 300 people qualified to drive forklift vehicles. That is an amazing number when you consider the global shortage.

If you would like more information on the recruitment of Forklift Operators, please email us at Alternatively, you can call +44 (0)2079890750 or use one of our website forms. Please note, all enquiries, regardless of source are dealt with in the strictest confidence.