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Australian Employment OpportunitiesThere are many employment opportunities in Australia. The country has been attracting immigrant workers for centuries, levels have increased in recent times as economic conditions have blossomed.

Skills Provision has strong ties to the Australian job market. Our organisation is one of the main providers of international employment solutions. To operate effectively in this this area there needs to be a strong understanding of the visa process as well as the skills required by employers.

Candidates searching for employment opportunities in Australia need to understand that companies will naturally look at local resources first. Australians based at home or overseas will be looked upon more favourably as it is easier, quicker and cheaper to hire a worker that is not required to go through the visa process.

Through strategic partnerships, Skills Provision is able to access the hidden Australian job market. It is believed only one in three jobs are advertised in the public domain.

If you are interested in discussing a placement in Australia, you will be required to join our website and upload your CV.

Information on working in Australia:

  • If you are not from a native English speaking nation, you will require a valid IELTS certificate
  • Certified trade skills or professional qualifications will need to be recognised
  • Your skills will need to be in demand

Whilst the paperwork process for employment opportunities in Australia is high, virtually all the information we request will be required during the official visa process.

Our aim is to present candidates in the best light to Australian employers. We are successfully placing candidates under the 457 Employer Sponsored Visa. Successful candidates will receive a placement contract between 2 – 4 years, plus assistance in relocation and visa costs. Quite rightly, Employers want to be able to assess candidates thoroughly. More often than not the best documented candidate will be offered a position ahead of the best qualified. To that end, detailed preparation is the key to success.

Skills Provision works with a range of employers across the whole marketplace. Demand within individual sectors moves up and down but opportunities do exist, even when local unemployment may be rising.

For employers struggling with skills shortages we offer a bespoke service that is tailor-made to bring success. We encourage you to contact us at Please include a job description if one is to hand.

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