Advance Search

Recruitment starts with the requirement. What type of workers are needed, where and when? If due diligence is not carried out correctly it is very easy to make costly mistakes. Workforce churn can give an indication of poor recruitment processes.

When the requirement is known, it’s then a matter of documenting everything, this form is commonly known as the job description.

Armed with a suitable job description the recruitment process can start. This can either be internally driven or utilising the services of an external agency.

Both processes follow the same system:

  • Search
  • Application processing
  • Short-listing
  • Interviewing
  • Selection
  • Formal offer

In truth the principles of recruitment are not complicated, the problem is it can be very easy to make mistakes, especially when time constraints are in place. Generally speaking, the quality of candidates on a short-list give an indication if the recruitment process is effective or not.

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