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Selecting the Right Candidate(s)

It is advisable to rate each candidate’s interview answers according to:

  • Assessment criteria
  • CV credibility
  • Required qualifications and accreditations
  • Evidence drawn out from the interview process

In addition to the above, ask yourself – do you believe the individual would be able to:

  • Adopt company’s values and standards?
  • Fit well within the team?
  • Bring value?

Once the rating process is complete, discuss each candidate with your team.

Following the decision-making stage, it is essential you correspond with all candidates in a timely manner, if you are utilising an agency this will generally fall into their area of responsibility.

For the successful candidates:

  • Write and offer the role, confirm salary package and benefits
  • Obtain references

For unsuccessful candidates:

  • Inform candidates of the decision and offer feedback as appropriate
  • Wish them luck in the future