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It’s advisable to revisit a job description and update where necessary. The Line Manager may be the best person to understand the role and update documentation.

Regardless of whether you use separate job descriptions or a person specification, you should ensure the essential and desired criteria for the position is current for the role, the following is normally included:

  1. Company values
  2. Attitudes for the role
  3. Skills
  4. Knowledge
  5. Accreditation and technical competencies
  6. Experience
  7. Qualifications

In discussion with the interview panel members, decide what selection tools and techniques are going to be used in order to assess candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience.

Plan the recruitment process with specific dates and deadlines and identify the people who need to be involved through each stage. Ensure interview panel members are available and block off interview and preparation time in diaries.

Book rooms or venue as required.

Decide how you will go about the recruitment process, in-house, agency or a combination of both.

Regardless of whether you are recruiting in-house or with an agency, you need to ensure the following information is available:

  1. Company branding introduction – 100-200 words
  2. Summary of the role
  3. Summary of the person specification
  4. Where is it based
  5. Is travel required
  6. Salary and benefits package
  7. Date of interview

When recruiting it is imperative to be ready for the process.

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