Advance Search

At the start of a recruitment process a company needs to clearly define the precise candidate requirements in terms of skills, experience, knowledge, accreditation and qualifications.

Secondly, what are the desired requirements i.e. what would be nice to have?  By being able to explore a candidate’s CV or Resume an employer can identify candidates that meet essential and desirable criteria.

Here are some pointers to look out for:

Employment History

  1. Identify if there is a logical career progression
  2. Check for gaps in employment and study

Details of position

This section should reveal evidence against many of the items in the job specification.

  1. How close is the fit to the current job specification and role profile?
  2. Clarify the nature of responsibilities
  3. Check the ‘career theme’ – how was the initial choice made, how has the career progressed since, how did it lead to the current position?
  4. How wide is work experience?

Reasons for leaving

  1. Explore why a person left a role – particularly the last one.
  2. What is the person looking for?
  3. How has each job offered a new challenge?

Understanding them

  1. Are achievements work orientated?
  2. What do they see as a challenge?

With all of the above, identify what patterns or themes emerge – for example, a desire to work with people or numbers, a desire to lead or be led.  Preference for stability/change, and the importance of working autonomously or as part of a team.

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