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The foundation for a good interview is to create an environment for the candidate in which they are relaxed.  Attending a job interview can be a nerve racking experience for people, the last thing they want is for someone to intimidate them or put them on edge.  An interview is not only for the candidate to sell themselves but also for the employer to sell the company, it should be a two way process.

Building trust


  • Inform candidates what to expect in the interview, the number and titles of interviewers, timings and format
  • Ensure candidates are aware of the location of the interview
  • Send candidates information on the company
  • Ask candidates if they have any questions prior to the interview


  • Listen attentively, ask open questions and give candidates time to respond
  • Ask candidates if they have any questions
  • Make the next steps clear and give an indication when they will happen
  • Thank candidates for their time

Post Interview

  • Ensure you do what you say you will do
  • If there is a delay, phone the candidate to inform them
  • Give constructive feedback if requested

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