VVIP Hospitality Supervisor/Housekeeping


Dedicated Hospitality/Housekeeping expert, with great communication skills, ability to work under pressure and in busy environment. Ability complete the job in a short time frames always trying exceed customer expectations. Hard worker as well as a great team worker (ability to train, help and motivate the team) always keen to details. Responsible and loyal in every aspect of the job. Abilities to priorities tasks, proactive but always sure that the job done even more than 100 percent.

Serial No: 190786
Skills keywords: flight attendant, hostess, housekeeping supervisor, stewardess, supervisor hospitality

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

I\'m dedicated and experience Hospitality Supervisor/Housekeeping Supervisor with the strong background in managing and lead deep cleaning projects in prestigious locations/VVIP locations. With the keen eye to details and a commitment to excellence, I have successfully supervised and trained housekeeping staff, ensured VVIP/VIP services and standards are completed and maintained in a high level of cleanliness and organization. My ability to communicate effectively and handle multiple responsibilities makes me valuable asset in the hospitality industry.

Skills: Leadership, Staff Supervision, Cleaning and Sanitization, Customer Service, Event Coordination.

Interests & Hobbies:

I\'m fond of travelling, cooking, reading, always eager to learn something new. On my travels and especially during my relocation to other countries, I always like to learn new culture, traditions, customs. A part of that I\'m love walking a lot, listen to the music, I\'m fond of sport and making new friends. I love pets but unfortunately as majority of the time I\'m away from home, at the moment I can not take a small new friend to take care of...but definitely I will do it in the future. I\'m professional swimmer, so when I have holidays, I try to spend it next to the sea and swim a lot. I\'m a person who is fond of nature.

Previous Employment Details:

VVIP Hospitality Supervisor (IFAS) - May 2023

Lead Cleaning/Deep cleaning Projects in Palaces/Diwan Areas. Guide and supervise staff up to 30 housekeepers/ housekeeping supervisors. Perform cleaning and checks of VIP offices. Supervise usage and of chemicals on different types of surfaces, supervise performance, self appearance, hygiene of the stuff, perform meetings an resolve any issue that stuff has, check male/female wearing uniform are fallow standards of the company, train and supervise how to clean different areas and different types of surfaces, how to serve food and beverages ,how to address/talk/manners to VVIP/VIP clients. Supervise safety and SOPs procedures are fallow on a daily base. Note and report in every project any damages, malfunctioning of any area inside and outside Palaces, buildings inclusive garden areas.

Flight Attendant (Purser) Avion Express - April 2017- March 2023
Greeting passengers, board the aircraft, food and beverages services for first class/economy passengers, duty free product service, comply with company polices and regulations of safety and security on board. Provide VIP service on selected flightts.

VIP Flight Attendant (Purser) - Private Airline - Dec 2014- March 2017
Cabin preparation before the flight, cleaning, preparing snacks/refreshments, newspapers, catering, making bed. Greet VVIP/VIP and welcome on board, serving drinks and snacks, inflight food and beverage services, taking care of the aircraft interior, to keep it clean and tidy at any time, washing dishes and inventory after the flight, make self catering ( shopping for extra products needed on board), table set ups, catering order, flowers decoration of the cabin. Complete safety and security regulations.

Current location:  Riga, Latvia - View on map
Nationality: Latvian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Travel and Tourism, Hotel and Catering
Spoken languages: english, russian, spanish
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere