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Am a vibrant, enthusiastic who can multitask beyond a single task. I;m presently pursuing a bachelor of Commerce with an Accounting emphasis and have previous work experience in a wide range of industry sectors. I always had a passion for numbers, and I enjoyed my college education in accounting, so I felt at an early age that this was the career for me. My accounting and auditing career commenced with Kenya's Office of the Auditor-General, a state own audit institution. I was enabled to collaborate with various auditees of diverse sizes and sectors through the audit processing cycle.By writing audit reports, reviewing the audit reports overseeing audit team's work, and testing controls were my main priorities. I additionally, provided our new staff with know how on audit processes. In addition to finishing my Certified Public Accountant course, I'm searching for a job where I can apply my background knowledge and skills in the financial statement audits to help create financial statements. My employer requires us to complete the year end audits within a shortest time as per laid down statutory timeframe. My main responsibilities are:- To participate in the preparation of work plan for each audit exercise, to identify risks associated with the auditee financial operations and related procedures to perform in the audit, review of prior year audit files and report to under a follow up on auditor's recommendation, Administer the walk tests at the clients offices and raise audit queries prior to exit the auditee premises, and to oversee compilation of audit findings for respective auditee by ensuring that the compliance with the reporting standards either on International Financial Reporting Standards or International Public Sector Accounting Standards.
However, I have been offering my services to other private organizations too, by performing entering financial transactions in the accounting software program on a daily basis as accurately to reflects income and expenses. Prepare reports financial, auditing, accounting and taxes reports on a monthly/quarterly basis, handling company's finances including petty cash, attend departmental meetings, and issuing invoices to customers, collected sales taxes from customers and remit statutory deductions. Ensuring that receivables are collected promptly, recorded cash receipts and banking as prompt as possible.

Serial No: 187813
Skills keywords: accounts payable, accounts receivables, bookkeeping, external audit, internal audit

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Bookkeeper with 4 years of experienced and goal-oriented with a demonstrated track record, as a certified Public Accountant student in Kenya. Talented and skills in administrative and financial management to support the achievement of overall company goals and objectives, a desireable work ethic, and excellent problem-solving skills, a am seeking a bookkeeping position, and willing to travel and work in any country with most job opportunities and ideal remuneration. My greatest strength is my ability to develop long-term relationships with clients as I nurture them on their financial journey and see them reaching goals that they would never have thought possible. My skills include QuickBooks, Excel, Auditing,Insurance,bank reconciliations, excel, general journal entries, payroll processing, accounts receiveable, filing taxs, and accounts payables. I however, attention to detail helps bookkeepers be accurate when handling their company's financial data, invoicing is the the process of itemizing a transaction and explaining each charge on a bill. Critical thinking solves problems and resolve challenges when working with company records. Organization skills help in prioritizing and plan tasks. Excellent communication is clearly presenting information to clients. Accounts payables is a category of information bookkeepers examine that summarizes an organization's current libilities and short-term debts. Numeracy and basic math skills can help bookkeepers feel comfortable working with numbers. Time management is avaluable skills for bookkeepers to have, which allows them to meet deadlines and accomplish all of their responsibilities within working hours. Data entry is the ability to quickly and accurately type numbers into forms and bookkeeeping software. Spreadsheets to record financial data. Transparency - bookkeepers often deal with confidential information,importantly to be honest and transparent. General ledger - helps bookkeepers record and keep track of a company's sales and expenses. Disciple - since the company depends on bookkeepers to assist them with their financial records, it is important to be disciplined. Managing the books for a business is a big responsibility that requires commitment, and having an excellent mental memory guides bookkeepers when recalling past information.

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Nationality: Kenyan
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