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Structural Engineer

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 54678
(02/20/1988, male)
List top 5 skills: civil engineer, naval architecture, structural engineering
Qualifications and Skills:

-> Capable to perform Structural analysis for oil and gas project such as
-> Structural Modeling and running either local analysis using finite element or global analysis.
-> Understanding the concept and capable for performing jacket and topside structural analysis for
-> Static Analysis such as In-Place, Soil linearization, Lifting, Transportation, Load out analysis, Offshore Jacket Floatation, Launching and Upending Analysis (Understanding shifting load, structural displacement, reverse buoyancy analysis flooded or non-flooded condition, restoring moment for floating stability, height of metacenter (M) criteria, maximum hook load, and bottom clearance from mud line lifting condition regarding shackle & sling strength which deliver to vendor)
-> Dynamic analysis (Structural modal and mode shape, structure natural period and mass participation), Seismic analysis: Perform modal analysis on the offshore structure to seismic effect, Fatigue Analysis: Spectral fatigue analysis to define jacket structural joint check due to fatigue life through dynamic wave responses. Develop macro spreadsheet wave program using VBA to define static transfer function, selection of wave load case for dynamic wave responses and generate wave spectrum.
-> Miscellaneous Calculation such as
-> Finite element analysis for support connection, mechanical hand rail, vent boom, crane boom rest.
-> Stiffener and punching shear non-tubular connection
-> Fatigue check for crane pedestal
-> Perform Visual Basic Advance through spreadsheet to modify structural program syntax such as SACS to improve zero defect calculation
-> Prepare design report, calculation and design drawing as required
-> Understanding the International rule and code that would otherwise require design by AISC, ENV-Code, API RP2A, DNV-GL.
Capable to inspect and perform as construction engineer duties for oil and gas engineering project area such as
-> Understanding welding and coating while construction stage.
-> Inspect, witnessing and commissioning in mechanical testing.
-> Capable to Monitor Inspection Testing Plan (ITP) & Quality Plan
-> Inspection for surface preparation, blasting, measuring Dry Film Thickness (DFT) and Wet Film Thickness (WFT)
-> Perform the inspection of Destructive test (DT) and Non-Destructive Test (NDT) for coating such as Holiday test, Adhesion test, etc.
-> Understanding the rule that would otherwise require design by Client and Vendor such as NACE, SSPC and ASTM
-> FPSO, Submarine, Ship building, modeling, structural design and Analysis
-> Design evaluations for relevant marine & offshore and oil & gas projects
-> Capable for Performing and understanding analysis for Freeboard, Tonnage, and Equipment Number Calculations, intact stability, Hull and wave Response, tank calibration, Hydrostatic calculation, longitudinal strength,
-> Finite element analysis for local strength and wave motion
-> Understanding the rule that would otherwise require design by Client, regulation and standard such as DNV, GL, LR, ABS

Previous Employment Details:

DSME - Indonesia
Type of Business : EPCI of Offshore Products and Plants
Portal Information :
-> Develop structural load, structural displacement using visual basic advance (VBA) file as tool for piping stress analysis team, interface for structure calculation team and assigning each load location correctly.
-> Stress and deflection analysis in several inter discipline engineering for foundation and support on equipment, mechanical, piping, electrical & instrumentation area.
-> Perform structural calculation by using STAAD Pro and PDMS reviewing design subjected to piping load, environmental load and acceleration load for transportation case.
-> Check Structural and Piping Support configuration to meet company requirement and comply into international standards and codes.
-> Arrange tag support to ensure load location same as informed inter discipline.
-> Coordinate with Pipe Stress Engineer, Pipe Design Engineer, and Structure Design Engineer regarding Structural issues.
-> Develop the project scheduling using VBA Excel to update S-curve as visualization the progress of a project to pursuing time deadline

->Review structural calculation by using SACS 5.5 for several analysis
->In-Place / Operation: Serviceability of offshore structure and perform soil linearization in sea operation & storm condition.
->Lifting: Calculate the sling reaction, shackle pad eye strength which applied and compatible strength to the vendor using spreader bar.
->Load Out: define friction load on the skid structure & calculate structure deflection while load out using transporter.
->Transportation: Calculate the inertia load which effected to the structure strength while transport onto the field.
->Fatigue: Calculate the fatigue analysis in critical structural connection as per API RP2A and define S-N Curve as per DNV C203 and SCF in transportation and operational condition.
->Performing Secondary Structural Analysis for Operation and Transportation condition such as Special Support (Pipe Support, E&I Support, Material and Mechanical Handling Support) in several criteria, are; - SLS (Serviceable Limit State) - ULS (Ultimate Limit State) - ALS (Accidental Limit State)
->Performing structure connection displacement due to structure load – wind load, living load, equipment load, moment inertia load due to transportation and in place acceleration, etc.
->Performing Structure review and reinforcement to comply client requirement.
->Performing stiffener and punching shear calculation for joint of structure connection based on AISC, APIRP2A and ENV
->Develop excel 2013 by using VBA macro to modify inside SACS program syntax on preparing load and combining from inter-discipline load and view Point generator from Caesar II to Navis Work Manage.

Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)
Type of Business : Engineering Consultant and Research
Portal Information :
Involved Duration : November 2012 - Aug 2013
Position : Floating Structure Engineer
-> Modeling, design and performing stability calculation of floating structure in several conditions (trim by load, still water and wave condition), equilibrium calibration per TCM (ton per centimeter immersion), Hydrostatic, CSA Calculation and preparing for report booklet stability.
-> Performing HSC in Engineering Structural analysis and calculation of the floating structure to define frame column and beam, weight calculation as per sectioning and auxiliary material, still water bending moment, strength calculation, Max hogging and shagging strength calculation, intact stability for several cases, tank calibration, motion analysis for RAO in roll, heave and pitch motion, based on International code such as GL (Noble Denton), IMO, SOLAS.

Current location: 

Indonesia - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:

Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore