Seeking Clerical Employment in the UK


Between my exceptional work ethic and passion for achieving excellence, I am confident, that given any position, I will be a great candidate for elevating office efficiency. I will have my Masters of Science in Mental Health and Wellness December, 2024. Within my military service, I earned two meritorious promotions due to the dedication and aspiration of learning. Distinguishing the leadership traits necessary for a supervisor and continuing to be an adequate follower, I was entrusted the responsibility of executing duties typically held by senior staff members. My dedication to my work during my appointment transformed two previously failed functions to be ranked the highest rated administrative section in the East coast.

Serial No: 187147
Skills keywords: administrative, mental health care, office management/administration, policy analysis, team leader

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

MS Mental Health and Wellness (in pursuit)
BA Sociology - qualitative and quantitative research experience
Life Coaching certificates (x2)
- IAP Career College
-Health Coach Institute
Personnel Administration certificate
Records Management
Office Management
Intermediate Personnel Administrative Certificate
Global Washington's Leadership in Business
Continuous Process improvement Certificate

Interests & Hobbies:

My absoluyte favorite thing is being a student. I love learning new things and being able to share what I learned. I am also an organized person; this is why I enjoyed and took so much pride in my administrative duties. I have always been drawn to helping others; my interests have now elevated to me seeking education in expanding my knowledge in the subject.

Previous Employment Details:

Manager. I was personally responsible for managing stock inventory as well as administering, completing, forwarding, and filing documents to ensure efficiency and legality. I managed and organized inventory to guarantee maximum profitability while avoiding low stock and misplacement. Outside of the administrative duties, I supervised twenty-two employees holding five separate job titles.
Administrative and Legal Chief. I complied daily, mandated reports and presented them to the Commanding Officer. There were daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annual reports and requirements that I was responsible for ensuring were properly completed. Moreover, documents in need to the Commanding Officer's signature, first was processed through the Administrative Office where we screened for accuracy, completeness, and proficiency. In processing the various requests, I ensured proper filing and tracking of the packages' location and status updates. The identification code determined the proper filing and destruction of the package request. I was responsible for knowing and adhering to the proper protocols.
Records and Office Manager. At the micro level of my employments, I supervised ten junior ranking members within the administrative office. At the mezzo level, I worked at the level overseeing and inspecting eight subordinates' and with various administrative members in the administrative sections. At the macro level, I was below the highest ranking member and had to present myself in a professional manner within every meeting. I was responsible for generating, establishing, tracking, and administering correspondence across every level of the chain.

Current location:  United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: American
Preferred Sector of Employment:  other, Admin and Clerical, customer service
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom