Security guard seeking work in any eu country


I'm currently working as a cash in transit guard at Transguard Group LLC in the
United Arab Emirates. With over two years of experience in the security industry, i have developed strong skills in risk management,
surveillance, and emergency response. I'm particularly excited about the opportunity to join my upcoming company and contribute to the
team's success.

Serial No: 193248
Skills keywords: cash in transit, factory worker, personnel security, warehouse operative

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Experienced security profession with a proven track record in ensuring the safety and security of individuals and assets in both cash in transit and and security guard roles. Possesses a strong work ethic, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence. Skilled in implementing security protocols, conducting surveillance, and responding effectively to security incidents.
Demonstrates proficiency in;
1.Cash in transit operations, including the safe transportation of valuable assets and adherence to strict security protocols.
2.Security guard duties, such as access control, patrol monitoring, and emergency response.
3.Risk management strategies to mitigate potential security threats and personal.
4.Effective communication and interpersonal skills, enabling collaboration with clints and stakeholders.
5.Adaptability to diverse environments and situation, ensuring flexibility and readiness to handle various security challenges.

with a solid foundation in security operations and and a proactive approach to ensuring safety and security, I am poised to contribute
effectively to any security related role.

Previous Employment Details:

Transguard Group llc(Decmber 2022-Pressent); As a Cash in Transit Guard at Transguard Group LLC, I am responsible for ensuring the safe
transportation of valuable assets and cash. My role involves adhering to strict security protocols, conducting through risk assessments, and implementing effective measures to safeguard assets during transit.
Additionally, i collaborate closely with team members to maintain a secure environment and respond promptly to any security incidents.

Securiguard Middle East LLC(March 2021 to November 2022);During my tenure as a Security Guard Officer at Securiguard Middle East LLC ,
I played a key role in maintaining the security and safety of various premises and assets.
My responsibilities included conducting regular patrols, monitoring surveillance systems,
and responding to security breaches or emergencies. i demonstrated strong communication
skills and the ability to effectively liaise with clients, colleagues, and law enforcement authorities
to ensure a coordinated approach to security.

Interests & Hobbies:

Exploring knowledge in different fields is not just a hobby; its a passion that drives me to continually seek
out new learning opportunities and broaden my horizons. From delving into the realms of science and technology
to immersing myself in the arts and humanities, i find joy in uncovering the intricacies of diverse subjects.

My interest in exploring various fields extends beyond mere curiosity; its a commitment to personal growth and
intellectual stimulation. Weather im reading books on history, attending workshops on entrepreneurship, or
taking online courses in coding, I am constantly challenging myself to expand my knowledge and skills.

this pursuit of interdisciplinary learning allows me to make connections across disparate disciplines, fostering
creativity and innovation in my thinking. it also enable me to adapt to changing circumstances and embrace new
challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

moreover, my passion for exploring different fields has enriched my life in countless ways, allowing me to appreciate
the beauty and complexity of the word around me. it has also opened doors to new opportunities and connections, as
i engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds who share my enthusiasm for learning.

In essence, exploring knowledge in different fields is not just a hobby for me its a lifelong journey of discovery, growth, and self-enrichment.

Current location:  United Arab Emirates - View on map
Nationality: Nepali
Spoken languages: english, Hindi, Nepali