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As a research assistant, my passion lies in supporting groundbreaking research and driving scientific discovery. With a strong background in data analysis, experimental design, and laboratory techniques, I am equipped to contribute to your research team. I excel at conducting literature reviews, collecting and analyzing data, and assisting with experimental procedures. My attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and ability to work collaboratively make me an invaluable asset to any research project. With my dedication to accuracy, organization, and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field, I am committed to helping you achieve your research goals and advancing scientific knowledge. Let me be your reliable partner in making impactful contributions to the world of research.

Serial No: 168338
Skills keywords: laboratory assistant, laboratory technician, research assistant, researcher

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Meticulous and driven research assistant with a PhD in Biophysics and over 9 years of professional experience in life science laboratories. Skilled in organizinh and managing experimental setups for educational and research purposes, particularly for medical and junior MSc students. Well-versed in applied cell culture techniques, with expertise in stem cell isolation from human and animal tissues (adipose and bone marrow). Proficient in conducting animal studies, including mirror invasive procedures, electrophysiological recordings, and molecular techniques such as protein, DNA, RNA isolation, quantification, RT-PCR and western blotting. Additionally, possess experience in trace elecent detection in biological samples using atomic absorption spectrophometry and ICP-OES.

Previous Employment Details:

Research assistant - Istanbul University Cerrahpasa School of Medicine Biophysics Department 2012-2014
Research assistant- Aydin Adnan Menderes University School of Medicine Biophysics Department 2012-2022
Dr Lecturer - Aydin Adnan Menderes University School of Medicine Biophysics Department 2022-present

Interests & Hobbies:

Reading, photography, fitness, science communication, and volunteer work, cooking, hiking, playing musical instruments, painting, and gardening.

Current location:  Türkiye - View on map
Nationality: Turkish
Spoken languages: english