Python software Engineer seeking work in Europe


With around 4 years of experience as a dedicated Computer Science professional, I possess a strong skill-set in data processing and analysis, specifically in
optimizing data flows and transforming complex, unstructured data into structured, actionable insights. Beyond my core data expertise, I have a versatile background in full-stack development using Python frameworks like Django and Flask. I have successfully developed several cross-platform tools for both internal and external clients,

Serial No: 191929
Skills keywords: it software engineer

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Programming Languages
Python, VB Scripting (advanced)
C Programming, Java (intermediate)
SQL / NOSQL (intermediate)
Web Frameworks & development
HTML, CSS, JavaScript (advanced)
Flask, Django (intermediate)

Commonly used Python libraries
Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn,
Polars, pytesseract, OpenCV, pdfplumber,
pypdf, PyMuPDF, pywin32
Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, Requests, Selenium,
pyodbc, PyMongo, SQLite, SQLAlchemy

Cloud Platforms
Azure (intermediate)
GCP (Beginner)

Code Editors
Visual Studio Code
Eclipse IDE
Jupyter Notebook

Graphic designing
Canva (advanced)

API Testing
Postman API Platform.

Version Control
Git, Bitbucket

Project Management Platforms
Rally, Jira

Software Applications
Microsoft Word, Excel (advanced)
Microsoft Power BI (intermediate)
Salesforce (Beginner)
RPA UI path (Beginner)
RPA Power Automate (Beginner)

Interests & Hobbies:

Born and Raised in Kochi

I hail from Kochi, a beautiful island city on the southwest coast of India, often called \"God\'s Own Country.\" Education has always been a priority in my family, and I was fortunate to attend some of the best schools and colleges in my state, despite our modest financial background.

Until 10th grade, I studied at a school that attracted students from across the country. After high school, I set my sights on a Pre degree in Computer Science, a competitive field. With some luck and hard work, I secured a place in a top state college and even received an award for proficiency.

While academics were important, I also nurtured my creative side through pencil sketching and art competitions. I participated in statewide events, volunteered my artistic skills for charity work, and harbored a passion for spontaneous travel adventures.

Previous Employment Details:

Senior Software Engineer (27/01/2023 – CURRENT)
Optum Global Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd | Hyderabad, India

Developed a Python solution for medical insurance data auditing, reducing manual checks by 80%.
Implemented automated ETL process to save up to 60% of the time usually needed.
Built data reporting tools with smart algorithms for better analysis (Fuzzy String Matching, NLTK etc.).
Created web services for easy integration with different databases.
Led team in automating technology, boosting workflow efficiency.
Worked with various teams under common project frameworks (Waterfall , Agile etc.).
Managed online code storage for smoother teamwork (GitHub).
Custom-made Windows software for client-specific needs.
Modernized IBM PCOMM and Excel operations with new automation techniques.
Supported internal teams with popular JavaScript frameworks.

Python Developer (24/08/2020 – 13/01/2023)
Guidehouse India Pvt. Ltd | Thiruvananthapuram, India

Developed Python-based tool for to automate timesheet analysis, cutting down on manual processes by 60%.
Built an automated ETL system that utilizes intelligent algorithms for streamlined data organization and analysis.
Contributed to public benefit initiatives, including projects with NYSERDA.
Worked with a diverse range of international clients to deliver data solutions.
Specialized in extracting data from various sources, including PDFs, images, and websites (scraping ,crawling, OCR).
Supported in server migration and maintenance.
Generated/validated MIS reports using advanced Excel techniques.
Created shell scripts to automate regular system operations, enhancing efficiency.
Provided Python training to improve skills of new staff and existing team members.
Designed and conducted intricate surveys using Qualtrics software for data collection and analysis.
Assisted with data management and updates in Salesforce.

Current location:  Kerala, India - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  IT and Technology
Spoken languages: english, german
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere