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Project Engineering, Electrical Energy Sector.

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 4622
(20/08/1984, male)
List top 5 skills: bid proposals, commisisoning, design rectification, marketting, project coordination, project engineering
Current location: 

Northern Territory, Australia - View on map

Siemens Electric, Energy Sector: - 2nd April 2013 – Present

Instrumentation and Engineering

Project Electrical Engineer for Energy Fossil Power & Generation

Key responsibilities

  • Project Engineer for Power Generation projects that include Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage, Electrical Balance of Plant and Distributed Control systems.
  • Role includes system design, commissioning and project managing key portions of large scale projects.

Currently working on the design modifications, commissioning, testing and development of Diamantina A: 242 MW Combined Cycle Power station in Mt. Isa, Queensland. Our scope of works are currently Electrical Balance of Plant, ELV, LV, MV, HV commissioning, testing and communications set up for the Distributed Control System (Siemens T3000).

Siemens Electric, Energy Transmission - 17rd October 2011 – 28th March 2013

Tendering Engineer for High Voltage Product Tendering

Key responsibilities
  • Tender Engineer for multi-million dollar Substation projects which include a High Voltage Product portfolio of Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Disconnectors, Instrument Transformers, harmonic Filters, reactors and outdoor Gas Insulated Compact Switchgear Options.
  • Tendered for projects, frame contracts and period contracts for all major utilities, mining corporations and EPC contractors for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
  • Liaising with Siemens Factory contacts and product managers to provide an ideal package for our customer.
  • Assisted the tendering team in strategically penetrating the Victorian marketing for a multimillion dollar Product Package Period Contract.
  • Supplied multi-million dollar tender package for Olympic Dam, which includes multiple Stactic Var Compensators, Power Transformers, 66,132,220kV High Voltage Equipment Packages, Capacitor and reactor Banks.
  • Tendered for multiple Period Contracts for all major utilities in the Australian, New Zealand and Fijian Utility markets.
Siemens Electric, Power Transmission & Distribution - March 2011 –14th October 2011

Graduate Rotation: Marketing Department

Key responsibilities
  • Set up Budget Pricing software  which provides annual validity for prices for all High Voltage product offerings and options.
  • Standardized High Voltage product offerings and period order contracts for High Voltage Solutions.
  • Standardized technical details and requirements for our products for all major utilities in Australia and New Zealand. This information can then be used for customers connecting to these utilities.
  • Created SAP Material Masters and market pricing.
  • Liaised with our High Voltage and Medium Voltage tendering teams, in Australia and Siemens Germany to obtain the most  suitable market price for our solutions.
  • Reduced our standard offering lead time from 2 weeks to 1-3 days. The Offering Tool reduced our tendering lead time, by removing the need to wait on valid prices from our overseas contacts for every high voltage Product offering.
  • Standardized High Voltage product offerings for the tendering team. These products include Circuit Breakers (Live Tank and Dead Tank), Surge Arresters, Instrument Transformers and Disconnectors.
Significantly reduced the work load for our local Tendering team and our factory contacts overseas in Germany and France.

Siemens Electric, Power Transmission & Distribution - Oct 2009 – 1st March 2011

Graduate Rotation: Service Department

Key responsibilities
  • Technical Services Coordinator:
Service Coordinator for High Voltage and Medium Voltage System Installations, refurbishments and service call outs; Australia wide and in New Zealand.
  • This role involved organizing installation and service call outs. This includes briefing our service technicians, providing all marked up drawings for troubleshooting solutions or modifications, organizing logistics for tools and testing equipment, organizing site inductions, solving issues on site, developing relevant Safe Work Method Statements for each job and managing labor / subcontractors on site.
  • Overlooked service technicians, liaised with project managers  internally, between the customer and associated subcontractors.
  • For complex issues, solutions between Siemens Germany and Siemens Australia were produced for our customer.
  • Service Engineer:
    • Spent 6 months on site assisting with the Installation and testing of Live Tank and Dead Tank Circuit Breakers and Air Insulated (AIS) and Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS).
    • Provided design and modification mark ups for Customers for Dead Tank and Live Tank Circuit Breakers and for Indoor Switchgear.
    • Breaker Condition Monitoring (BCM) Local Support Engineer:
      • Trained as an installer and troubleshooting support Engineer for ELCON/ABB/Siemens Breaker Condition Monitoring System (1 of 2 Siemens Support Engineers in Australia).
      • Helped solved long standing problems with Transgrid 500kV substations dating back to 2008.
      • Personally wrote key documentation such as installation manuals, troubleshooting guides and quick start guides for the system beyond the content supplied by the manufacturer.
        • Received training for Siemens SICAM HV GIS Condition Monitoring System
        • Assisted Lead Engineer with installation and troubleshooting at TransGrid/Energy Australia Haymarket Substation in Sydney CBD.
        • Safe Work Method Statement Development
          • Began development of Safe work method statements for High Voltage Installation work and service call outs.
          • Liaised with Siemens Safety Officers to agree upon a standard that could be rolled out for the whole of Siemens Energy.
          • Job Safety and Environmental Awareness (Hazard Awareness) Development
            • Worked Alongside Technicians to develop a standard document for hazard prevention on site.
            • SAVIOM Resource Management Energy Roll Out:
              • Assisted the business development group to set up SAVIOM resource management for the whole of Siemens Energy ( Power Generation, Energy Automation, Transmission & Distribution, Fossil Solutions and Oil & Gas)
              • This included implementing a skill matrix for all staff, inputting project information for the entire Energy Department, Setting up reporting functionality for management review, charting utilization and catering the software to the needs of multiple departments.
              • Liaised between SAVIOM software developers and other resource managers much like myself to cater the software to our needs.
  • Gained practical site experience working alongside technicians and Service Engineers.
  • Gained expertise to provide local support for Breaker condition Monitoring System to become an experienced Troubleshooter.
  • Helped commission 5 substations for Breaker Condition Monitoring on my own and have solved numerous outstanding issues with the system.
  • Gained valuable time management and organizational skills while running multiple service projects at a time. The key difficulty I had to overcome was having a small number of technicians and a limited set of special equipment required for simultaneous service jobs.
    • Developed a good understanding of Site Safety and Induction requirements.
  • Have successfully assisted with the installations of
    • Live Tank and Dead Tank Circuit Breakers,
Gas Insulated Switchgear such as NXPlusC, 8DN8 and 8DA10 series.

Siemens Electric, Power Transmission & Distribution - 12th Jan 2009 – 27th Feb 2009

Internship: Period Contract Management

Key responsibilities
  • Assisted with  period contract management for HV Circuit Breakers. This role overlooked the delivery of multiple Circuit Breaker units around Australia.
  • Developed a reporting Tool in MS Access that generated Project Summary’s and outstanding orders for spare parts.
  • Developed Visual Basic Macro to export Excel data in MS Project – to help better track the delivery of individual Circuit Breakers for multiple customers and projects.
  • Assisted Design Engineers with Circuit breaker revisions and substation breaker network planning using AUTOCAD 2009.
  • Helped install two dead tank circuit breakers alongside technicians
  • Liaised with Customers and Subcontractors
  • Helped write Visual Basic Software that transferred excel contract data into Microsoft Project via excel macros. This streamlined the transition to a broader method of contract management.
  • Learned MS Access to develop an Access solution for spare parts.
  • Liaised with customers and subcontractors for various amendments and revision work.
  • Learned several HV tests required for installing and commissioning HV Circuit Breakers. Also learned to troubleshoot installation problems using the CB wiring diagrams.
Understood basic requirements for Circuit Breaker Design.

Siemens Electric, Power Transmission & Distribution - 26th Nov 2007 – 29th Feb 2008

Internship: Project Management

Key responsibilities
  • Worked as a Graduate Engineer for Work Experience aiding 5 Project Managers with the development and delivery of two Static VAR Compensators (SVC’s).
  • Worked alongside design engineers with drafting projects involving SVC design, Switchgear and Circuit breakers.
  • Liaised with Customers and Subcontractors
  • Gained practical experience working with engineers
  • Learnt AutoCAD LT, MS ACCESS database management, Industrial trouble shooting practices and ethical conduct in engineering.
    • Completed mini-Project management task involving the procurement of an Auxiliary transformer from Schneider Electric.

Spoken languages: 

Bengali, english

Locations I am interested in working:

Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, canada, France, Germany, Japan, kuwait, Netherlands, Norway, qatar, Singapore, spain, Sweden, switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States