Power Plant Instrumentation/Commissioning Engineer

Serial No: 15650
Skills keywords: commissioning, dcs engineer, gas turbine, power plant

Short Bio:

An instrumentation & control system engineer having more than 8 years of work experience in the field of Industrial automation ( mainly Siemens control system DCS - T3000 and TXP hardware & software engineering, installation & commissioning for the Energy sector - CCPP,thermal power plants/desalination units ).

Current location:  Delhi, India - View on map
Nationality: indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, german, Hindi, marathi
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Technical Education –

 B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Instrumentation: 64.03 % (First Class)
Govt.College of engineering, 2005-2006, R.T.M Nagpur University, India.

 Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering: 61.24 % (First Class)
Y. B. Patil Polytechnic, 2001-2002, MSBTE board, India

Management Education –

 MPM (Master in Personnel Management): 63.81 % (First Class)
Pune University, 2013-14,
S.P Mandali’s Naralkar Institute of Career Development & Research. Pune, India

 DBM (Diploma in Business Management): 62.6 % (First Class)
Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development &
Research, 2010-2011, Mumbai, India.

Career Summary

Major Responsibilities:

 Planning & Preparing hardware & Software engineering database for the DCS projects for the power plant automation.

 FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), CAT (Customer Acceptance Test), SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

 Loop Checks for the DCS, Cold Commissioning (CFT) and assistance during Hot Commissioning (HFT) at client sites

 Site Inspection/ walk-down, project work & manpower planning.

 Project execution at different places across the globe along with the global teams.

 Technical interaction with the client and the functional team of SIEMENS, Germany/USA.

 Implementation of Client Interconnection drawings & logics. This involves understanding the Clients documentation and implementing them with standard Siemens DCS Tools like SPPA T3000 for Software and Tec4FDE for hardware engineering.

 Monitoring of Panel installations, cabling & wiring work.

 Leading the project & team members working in different project function areas.

 Conducting training programs for the trainee-employees & external clients.

 Documentation of project hardware / software documentation & reports.

 Building the strong business relationship with clients.

Project work Experience:

Aug’13 – March’14 QIPP (Qurayyah Independent Power Plant) Saudi Arabia
For the EPC company Samsung C&T (Korea) along with Siemens (USA).

Qurayyah IPP one of the world’s largest CCPP’s with capacity of 3927 MW, comprises 6 identical power blocks each delivering net output of 654.5 MW.

QIPP project includes a total of 12 Nos.of SGT6-5000F (W501F) gas turbines, 12 Nos.of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), 18 generators of the SGEN6-1000A series and 6 Nos.of SST6-4000 steam turbines from Siemens.

Responsibility: Gas turbine Controls/DCS commissioning Engineer

Job Description: Commissioning of Siemens Gas Turbines SGT6-5000F (W501F)

Scope of work:

 Gas turbine loop checks

 Cold & Hot Commissioning

 ‘Woodward TPS’ trip modules tests as per Siemens test protocol, performing Master Trip String checks.

 AddFem PoCo (position controllers) & AddFem SOE (Sequence Of Events) signals checking.

 Participated in CASCADE test for Lube oil system, Control oil System, Lifting Oil System etc.

 Calibrating IGV &VGVs and setting the MAX RAW OPEN&MAX RAW CLOSE values in T3000 DCS LOGIC.

 Trouble shooting & settings of IGV (Inlet Guided Vane) & VGV’s (Variable Guided Vanes), Kubler modules settings.

 OST (Over Speed Trip) & fuel gas valves tests & their adjustments.

 Commissioning Activities in Fuel Gas system, Fuel Oil system, Water Injection system and Fuel Gas Control Valves and CV calculation for valves.

 GT trials run, FSNL & synchronization operation.

 Documentation

July’11- Aug’12 (RDK 8) Rheinhafen-Dampf Kraftwerk, Karlsruhe, Germany
Responsibility: Commissioning Engineer (Siemens SPPA-T3000 DCS)
Job Description: Commissioning of 912 MW Ultra Super Critical (USC)

Power Plant – RDK 8 for the client EnBW (Energie Baden- Württemberg) with Siemens AG,Germany.

Scope of work:

 Loop checks

 Functional logic checks (cold & hot function tests)

 Software/HMI engineering, logic changes & troubleshooting.

 Software engineering of IEC 61850 protocol & commissioning of IEC61850 for 3rd party interface between Siemens DCS (T3000) with ABB IED’s (Intelligent Electronic Devices) in switch gears for 10kv electrical area.

 Internal training of 2 Engineers for the required IEC61850 Protocol

 Project Meeting with internal team members

 Project related protocol/hardware/software documentation & work status reporting to management.

 Leading a team of 2 engineers & technicians for different project execution areas.

Jan’11-June’11 (HKW) Heizkraftwerk München Nord, Germany
Responsibility: Hardware design engineer
Job Description: Basic & detail hardware engineering for HKW München Nord project involving modernization from Siemens Teleperm ME to T3000 DCS

Scope of work:

 Understanding old wiring diagrams, control room, switchgear room, panels layouts for TME System

 Hardware database preparation

 Onsite discussion with siemens team at Erlangen

 Designing of the hardware typicals.

 Tec4fde hardware engineering for new wiring diagrams

 Rerouting cable plans & deleted cables documentation

 Preparing new DCS Cabinets for automation system

May’10 – June’10 GKM – M15 Retrofit, Germany
Responsibility: Software & HMI Engineer.
Job Description: Software & HMI engineering for Steam Turbine control system modernization using Siemens SPPA T3000

Scope of work:

 Conversion of T2000 Function plant to T3000

 Conversion of T2000 HMI Pictures to T3000

Mar’10 – May’10 Neurath block-D Modernization, Germany
Responsibility: Hardware design engineerJob Description: Basic & detail hardware engineering, for block D involving modernization of 660MW coal fired power plant from ABB Procontrol system to Siemens SPPA T3000 DCS

Scope of work:

 Planning & designing of various junction boxes in the field

 Planning of rerouted cables & documentation

 Cable erection list for various marshaling cabinets

 Hardware engineering for automation cabinets

Jan’10 – Feb’10 SWCC-Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
Responsibility: Commissioning Engineer (Siemens SPPA T3000)
Job Description: Commissioning of I&C system for the 2 boilers, 4 MSF Desalination, 2 Steam Turbines, Electrical & Auxiliaries involving modernization from Bailey’s Infi90 to Siemens SPPA- T3000 DCS for the client SWCC (Saline Water Conversion Corporation)

Scope of work:

 Loop test

 I&C support.

 Cold Commissioning

 Hot Commissioning

 Trial Operation

 Documentation

Nov’09 – Dec09 Ensenada, USA
Responsibility: Hardware Engineer
Job Description: Hardware engineering for BOP Area.

Scope of work:

 Tec4fde hardware engineering for automation & IO cabinets

 DCS cabinet designing

 Generating manufacturing documents for the factory

 Documentation

June’09 –Sep’09 San Martin & Manuel belgrano projects, USA
Responsibility: Hardware Engineer
Job Description: Hardware Engineering in Tec4fde.

Scope of work:

 Hardware engineering for automation & IO Cabinets

 Designing of LAN Cabinets

 Designing of power supply plans & L2 Bus plans

 Generating manufacturing documents for the factory

 Generating erection documents for the plant

 Generating pre-commissioning documents for FAT

 Implementation of Design Modification Request (DMR) & generating delta documents for factory/plant

Nov 08 – Dec 08 Didcot B Power Station, United Kingdom
Responsibility: Hardware Engineer
Job Description: Basic & detailed hardware engineering of two Siemens V94.3 Type gas turbines using Siemens Tec4fde HW tool.

Scope of work :

 Detailed HW engineering of all automation cabinets LAN Cabinets, Power supply cabinets

 Design of L2 Bus plan, power supply plans

 Maintain quality control of the project as per ISO Standards

Mar’08 – Nov 08 BEC Twence & Triade projects, Netherlands
Responsibility : Hardware Engineer
Job Description : Onsite hardware engineering using Tec4fde tool.

Scope of work :

 Technical discussions for hardware engineering

 Designing of hardware typicals

 Creation of new wiring diagrams, Modification of existing wiring diagram.

 Database modifications

 Preparing open point lists & taking follow ups from onsite team for clearing the open points

 Preparing Cable rerouting lists, deleted cable lists

 Planning for new cables, junction boxes, Marshaling &

Automation cabinets

 Preparing new wiring diagrams, delta Documentation for site team

 Red line changes implementation

June’07-Feb’08 Shoubra-El-Kheima, Karlsruhe, Germany
Responsibility : Hardware engineer (India)
HW /SW Testing Engineer for FAT (Germany)

Job Description : Basic & detailed hardware engineering & Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

Scope of Work:

 Basic & detailed engineering for the Shoubra project

 Conducting tests for software logic checks, function checks, logic simulations in Siemens factory at Karlsruhe, Germany

 Hardware & software related modifications & report generation & documentation for the same.