Oil and Gas Senior Operation Engineer

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Serial No: 71170
(12/14/1976, male)
Skills keywords: oil & gas, oil & gas production operative, oil and gas
List Of Qualifications:

Career Objective:
• A Challenging and competitive full time long term career opportunity at a fast growing system oriented organization through which my analytical, creative, technical, management and communication skills can further be developed.

• B.SC Degree in Chemical Engineering, Graduated in July 2001.
• Total (+14) years’ experience in Oil & Gas industry On/Offshore Operation below:
• Employed by “MAS Recruitment agency” for (±2) years as Offshore Operation Engineer in Saudi Aramco - KSA (Northern Area Gas Producing Engineering Unit - Karan Gas Field Operation)
• Employed by Suez Oil Company “SUCO” for (±10) Years on various technical and operational assignments. Career aspirations are to consolidate (Offshore Platforms & Onshore Wells, Surface Facilities, Oil Processing, and Gas Processing – Dehydration, Sweetening & Compression and LPG / condensate recovery plant).
• Employed by “Al Amriya Oil Refining Company (APRCO, Egypt)” for (±2) years as Shift Process Engineer with in Linear Alkyl Benzene Production Complex.
• SUCO is a joint venture company, operated by (EGPC & RWE – DEA); the company has three fields including Oil & Gas production Facilities located in Gulf of Suez.
Areas of Expertise:
• Operation of Offshore & Onshore high pressure sour Gas wells and Oil wells including Natural flow, Gas Lift & ESP Wells).
• Water injection treatment plant, in addition to the injection wells to support the reservoir press.
• Gas Re-conditioning and compression plant (dehydration, compression then to Gas Lift and LPG / Condensate recovery plant)
• Commissioning and start up Procedures of new equip./ plants.
• Operation of Plant utilities including Heating medium, Cooling medium, Fuel gas system, Nitrogen unit, Instrument Air system, Flaring system (wet, dry), Drain system (wet, dry), Fire Water System, Power Turbines.

• Operation of Oil/Gas Gathering Center, including Pipelines Integrity by Scraping Operation (Cleaning, V-Jet & ILI pigging schedule) and Chemical Injection programs (CI, BCI, MEG &KHI)
• GOSP operation (separators, heat exchangers, heaters, Desalting Vessels & crude oil stabilization)
• Oil Storage and loading facilities thru SBM /and land pipeline.
• Gas Plant Operation includes Gas Injection, Gas Refrigeration & Fractionation and LPG Production
• LPG Storage Spheres / Bullets and Loading Facilities.
• Very Good Experience with Oil /Gas Early Production Facilities (EPF).
• Practical experience of operating Desalination plants (R.O Units)

Previous Employment Details:

SAUDI ARAMCO (Contract Base): Karan Gas Field Northern Area Operation Engineering Unit (NAOEU).
Offshore Operation Engineer
• KARAN Gas Field is high H2S & high Pressure Gas wells (30,000PPM H2S & 10,000 PSI wellhead shut in Pressure)
Duties :
• Supporting KARAN Gas Field Operation Team in field activities including Shutdown / Startup and Test and Inspection (T&I) Procedures Preparation and hands-on Implementation in the field.
• Supervises the operations of Karan Gas Field and coordinate with CCR to ensure production operation changes are carried out according to company rules and regulations effectively and safely
• Follow up Pipelines integrity including Scraping Operation (Cleaning, V-Jet & ILI Scraping) and chemical Injection rates (CI, BCI, MEG & KHI Injection) as per schedule.
• supervise Gas and Water Sampling collection safe Operation (which is a critical operation due to High H2S concentration 4 % & High Gas Pressure)
• Arrange & Supervise Rig approach /or Rig move activities, revival activities for newly worked over wells (preparation of S/D & depressurizing procedures, BPV setting, N2 purging & dismantling for all flowlines prior to Rig approach and Handover over the platform for drilling department for drilling /or workover activities).
• Work in line with ARMCO HSE policy, and ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations by subordinates.
Suez Oil Company (SUCO) a joint venture between G.P.C (Egypt) & RWE DEA (Germany)
Senior Operation Engineer (On/Offshore Operation):
Duties :
• Operation of Onshore Processing Facilities / Offshore Producing wells.
• Oil stabilization & storage area (floating roof tanks) & Loading Facilities through SBM / or Land Pipelines.
• Very Good Experience and knowledge for Natural Flow, ESP & Gas Lift Wells and water flooding wells.
• Operation of water injection plant (sea water filtration, chemical treatment, oxygen removal then high pressure pumping to offshore injectors).
• Preparation and implementation of field planned S/D (partial /or total S/D).
• Preparation of production division budgets (Capex/Opex).
• Study modifications required to the existing production facilities.
• Very good experience with Gas Plant Operations including the following unit Operation (Gas Compression Plant up to 150 barg using RUSTON Gas Turbine, Gas dehydration by TEG, Fractionation & LPG Production Plant)
• Ensure that all company employees and contractors adhere to company HSE regulations during their activities.
• All field activities implemented under approved PTW system with the necessary risk assessment and control certificates including (Hazard Identification / Isolation & Preparation / Control Certificate/ Gas Tests/ Protective Equipment Requirement )
El Amriya Oil Refining Company (APRCO):
Shift Process Engineer:
• (APRCO) is a leading Company in Oil Refining Field, Based in Alex, Egypt. The Company Divided into Several Plants, I worked in the (Linear Alkyl Benzene Production Plant) as shift process Engineer for 2 years.
Qualifications :
B. SC - 2001 in Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, Suez Canal University.

Current location: Qina / Egypt - View on map
Nationality: Egyptain
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Arabic, english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: africa, Algeria, Bahrain, egypt, Iraq, jordan, Lebanon, libya, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Oman, qatar, Virgin Islands, British