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Serial No: 4749
(26/04/1964, male)
Skills keywords: intergity analisys, ndt knowledge, pigging inspection, qa qc activities, static equipment inspection
Current location: Venezuela - View on map

Nov 2012 – current job: Operational Manager (Company: Cold Technology C.A.)

Coordination of the activities associated with design, installation of ducts systems and air conditioners. Budget management as well as monitoring during construction process related to the execution of contracts in the area of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Nov 2011 – Nov 2012: QA/QC Coordinator (Company: Constructora Norberto Odebrecht).

Coordination of activities related of quality control during Ethanol Plant construction “Complejo Agroindustrial de Derivados de la Caña de Azúcar – Trujillo/ Venezuela”. Responsibilities: Assigning of task in all discipline to team work, preparing Welding Procedure Specifications in different process, development / revision of mechanical inspection plans (area static and rotary), activities associated all the phase of civil construction as well as electricity and instrumentation discipline.

May 2008 – Oct. 2011: Plant Inspection Engineer in Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company (ADGAS) United Arab Emirates).

Execution of inspection activities for static equipment ( Storage Tanks, structures elements of Jetty area, witness of maintenance activities of exchangers, Fin Fan Coolers, PSV´s, corrosion monitoring of piping systems in the Refinery etc.).

Oct- 26 to Dec-15 2007: Shutdown Static Inspection Engineer contracted by Emirates Industrial Laboratory to Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company (ADGAS), UAE.

Execution of inspection activities and NDT during LNG plant shutdown which involved piping repair and replacement in the effort to restore the integrity in the piping systems of the Train 1 of ADGAS Liquefaction company located in DAS Island (Arabic Gulf).

04/2006 – 04/2007: Inspector QA/QC SHELL (Company SONOTEST)

Project: Inspector client in lining pursuit of even of tubes of 4" SCH 120 for line of Power Flow of connection well UD627 of company PERLA S.A.

Review and pursuit of the welding process and coating in the Atlantida international Company C.A. of 54 pipes couples.

Project: Production of pipes systems and pursuit to works of installation of accessories and teams in Electric Platforms executed by Venefco belonging to Venezuela SHELL company (September 2006 to march 2007)

Insurance and quality control during manufacturing works of pipes by means of the revision of procedures, verification of purchase orders of materials used in the referred works, verification of blasting and painting activities, revision of non destructive testing (RT, MT, measurement of anchor profile, thickness measurement on dry film in painting, etc.). Welders Qualification in GTAW and SMAW process.

Project: Fabrication of metallic Structures and pipelines systems for production facilities of SHELL Company (Zulia/Venezuela) (April to September 2006)

Insurance and quality control during structures construction works for installation of equipments and pipelines systems by means of the revision of procedures, verification of purchase orders of materials to be used in the referred works, verification processes of blasting and painting, revisions of NDT reports executed (RT, MT,PT, paint thickness measurement. welders Qualification procedures in GTAW and SMAW.

2006 - QA & QC Inspector - SOLDITECA (February to March 2006)

Project: Turn around "Operadora Cerro Negro" operated by Exxon Mobile in the Complex José in Anzoategui State / Venezuela

Inspection with videoscopy for quality control of fan cooler cleaning and exchangers. Thickness measurement in exchangers shell, pipes systems of furnaces, hardness testing. Materials verification by PMI technique (positive material identification). Checking in repairs and tests of PSV and blocks valves. Inspection with dye penetrant and hydrostatic tests to spools manufactured in modifications and/or replaces of existent piping. Checking repairs process with welding of towers plates with presence of cracks. Review of Documents and inspection of new materials received according purchase orders generated for the shutdown works.

2005 - Consultant in the area of Operational Reliability (Company R2M)

Project: Elaboration of Maintenance Plans for equipment belonging to the Production facilities of BP DZO located in Zulia State / Venezuela

Database preparation of static equipment (storage tanks, furnaces, drum, vessels, safety and relief valves, etc), by means of the use of the existent information in the MAXIMUM system, PI&D, electronic information, visit to facilities, interviews with operator and maintenance personal, as preparatory phase for the elaboration of the integral maintenance plans in equipments (static, electrical, instrumentation and dynamic) existent in each one of the facilities.

Project: Evaluation RAM (Reliability, Availability and maintainability of new Pipeline of PDVSA Zulia / Venezuela)

RAM analysis to the construction project of a Pipeline 24" x 222 Km. that it will start from the Refinement Complex in Paraguaná until to facilities of Ulé located in Zulia state, which will be interconnected with the Sumandes Pipeline. Among the scope of activities were carried out the evaluation of process diagram, block diagram like previous phase for the simulation by means of the use of the RAPTOR tool used for the availability calculate, prospective flaws, etc.

Project: Execution of Maintenance Plans at SINCOR Plants located in the Complex Jose in Anzoátegui State / Venezuela)

Execution works of maintenance Plans in the static equipments belonging to the area 1 of the Plant Booster of crude of SINCOR located in the Jose Refinery of the Anzoátegui State (Venezuela). Areas of responsibilities are the collect of information in format for the data processing that generate the maintenance plans, taking among other things the previous equipments hierarchization, functions identification, functional flaws, flaws ways, root cause, maintenance tasks that allow to computerized program to make the maintenance plans automatically. Additionally elaborating a document Guides of active Political (ASSET PROGRAMS & HEALTHCARES POLICY) for the area 1 of the referred plant.

2004 - Specialist ILI (IN LINE INSPECTION) - INSPEQ ENGINEERING LTDA.Bogotá / Colombia. (Project: Inspection with intelligent vehicle at Pipeline Station Manizales - Station Cartago belonging to Ecopetrol).

Audit works during the installation and GPS located of magnetos, cleaning process, badge profile like preparatory phase for the inspection with intelligent vehicle to the Pipeline Salgar-Carthage - Yumbo in the section 8" x 6" x 85 Km from Manizales Station to Cartago Station located in Caldas Department and Cauca Valley respectively.

2004 - QA & QC Inspector - SOLDITECA (Project: Turnaround SINCOR / Venezuela)

Revision during maintenance stocks (repairs and tests) in safe and relief valves, block valves (gate, ball, globe, butterfly, etc.) executed in work shop and external shops. equipment, components, elements, application of dye penetrant to evaluate welding generated in the repairs of equipments during shutdown works (DMS) executed in the company Sincor complex booster Jose in Anzoátegui State.

2004 - General Quality Comptroller – Consultores Occidentales (COSA)

Coordination and execution of the works of quality control and assurance in the mechanical area (fabrication of a 5000 bls. tank, spool fabrication belonging to the systems of injection pumps of water), civil/structural (earth movement, foundations of 03 pumps and 01 tank) in the project of "Amplification of the Plant of Injection of Salted Water located in the Plant C-10 Field Concepción of Zulia State / Venezuela), which comes being operated by the company PETROBRAS.)

1999/2002 - Pipeline Analyst (PDVSA Occidente / Venezuela)

Programming and executing main oil & gas pipelines inspection using the latest method of instrumentation techniques.

Coordination of plungers inspection for main oil & gas pipelines located in the Maracaibo Lake.

Supporting Work Team for defects tolerance evaluation, improving predictive and preventive maintenance and inspection programs for main gas & oil pipelines using Reliability philosophy (APT Tools), and applying national and international standards (API 579, ASME B31G ,PDVSA, etc.)

1994/1999 - Static Equipment Inspection Coordinator (PDVSA Occidente / Venezuela).

Coordination of inspection activities and resources and following up its execution in the field as they were recommended, specially for storage tank, pressure vessel, pipeline, boilers, exchanger, etc.

1992/1994 - Welder Qualification and Non Destructive Test laboratory Supervisor (PDVSA Occidente / Venezuela).

Coordinating and evaluating welders test in base standard API 1104.

Controlling stock of equipment, spare parts and consumable materials used in the Non Destructive Inspection (NDT) application.

Spoken languages: spanish (native language) / English (intermediate)
Location I am interested in working: Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, canada, china, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, kuwait, Netherlands, new zealand, Norway, Poland, qatar, saudi arabia, Singapore, spain, Sweden, switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States