Medical Biologist and Geneticist Seeking Work in Europe


As a highly skilled medical biologist and geneticist, I deeply understand genetic research principles and techniques. My expertise includes but is not limited to DNA/RNA extractions, PCR, and cell culture techniques, which I execute with precision and accuracy.

I am a meticulous data collector and analyst, ensuring that experimental results are accurate and contribute to cutting-edge research. My organizational skills and effective time management have been honed through my academic achievements and hands-on experiences in laboratories and stem cell culture workshops.

I am dedicated to staying current with scientific advancements and making a positive impact through innovative research. Eager to apply my expertise in challenging environment to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and meaningful progress in the field.

Serial No: 192314
Skills keywords: genetics, laboratory skills, molecular biologist, molecular biology techniques, next generation sequencing

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

MSc Medical Biology and Genetics

BSc Molecular Biology and Genetics

PCR, DNA sequencing, Molecular biology techniques, Good laboratory practices, Research experience, Data analysis, Statistical skills, Team collaboration, Critical thinking, Communication skills, Innovation, Adaptability, Attention to details, Time management, Organization skills, Problem-solving skills, Inquisitive and analytical mind.

Interests & Hobbies:

Belonged to the Near East University Genetics Student Association.

Belong to the caving club.

I enjoy adventures and watching movies.

I also enjoy caring out research.

Previous Employment Details:

Position: Medical Biologist and Geneticist Apprentice
Date: November 2023 - present
Company: Near East university
Demonstrated exceptional proficiency in RNA extraction, from paraffin blocks, consistently achieving a high success rate in obtaining superior-quality RNA samples, showcasing expertise and achievement in the process.
Successfully synthesized cDNA using reverse transcription and PCR.
Actively engaged in real-time PCR, significantly enhancing gene expression analysis and advancing comprehension of gene regulation and function.
Performed gel electrophoresis to separate and analyze DNA and RNA.

Position: Molecular Biologist Intern
Date: August 2021 - October 2021
Company: Near East University Hospital
Executed laboratory procedures with precision and efficiency, contributing to the successful completion of DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, and gene expression analysis, which were essential for advancing research projects.
Conducted PCR and and antigen tests for COVID-19 with accuracy and attention to details.
Facilitated testing procedures for thalassemia

Current location:  Nicosia, Cyprus - View on map
Nationality: Nigerian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Pharmaceutical and Science, Medical and Nursing
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere