Lead Scientist Seeking Work in Middle East


With > 20 years of experience in laboratories operation and management, I can contribute to methodolgy development, Staff training, Lab operation improvement, Lab Safety, Lab equipment optimiztion, budgeting and Quality Assurance Programs.

Serial No: 167996
Skills keywords: analytical chemist, laboratory chemist, laboratory management, laboratory research, laboratory specialist

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Chemical Lalbritory Managment, Method Development, Method Validation, ISO-17025, Labratory Managment Information System (LIMS), Preventative Meinttenance Progra (PMP), Lab Quality Assurance System (QAS), Lab Equitment Maintance, Sample Analysis, Develop Labratory Training Programs, Statsitcal Data, Labratory Budgiting, Technical reports and Publication.

Previous Employment Details:

1) Laboratory Lead Scientist, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) - Technology Center Riyadh.....2010- Present.

2) Chemical Laboratory Manager,Arab Center for Engineering Studies, UAE......2008-2009

3) Laboratory Research Scientist, Geosciences Laboratories, Canada...... 2007-2008

4) Senior Analytical Chemist, Minestry of Northern Development and Mines.....Canada....1994----2002

Interests & Hobbies:

Reading, Travel, Soccer

Current location:  Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Canadian
Spoken languages: Arabic, english