CV, Canada Based Logistics And Procurement Professional

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Serial No: 18263

Skills keywords: logistics, materials, mobilizations, procurement
Short Bio:

I am very interested in overseas positions in mobilization, logistics, materials, or procurement.

I have 30+ years of oilfield experience in many locations around the world including, Canada, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Russian, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Algeria, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Holland, Italy, & China.

Positions I have held include: Senior Logistics & Materials Mgr, General Mgr, International Purchasing & Logistics Mgr.

Current location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada - View on map
Nationality: Canadian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, General Management, Transport and Logistics
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Microsoft Office Programs ( Word, Excel, Power Point ) / Various custom materials & procurement programs.

Key Skills

• Handle World Wide organizing and managing of International Rig Mobilizations, Management of Global Logistics team, work with major International Freight Forwarders, ensure mobilizations & shipments were completed safely, timely and within budget.

• Managed a Calgary office with 11 employees involved in selling oilfield equipment to overseas clients.

• Worked in many aspects of the global drilling and workover industry.

• Have a wide knowledge of oilfield equipment, including production, drilling, workover, and well service equipment.

• Worked 30+ years in the global oil industry.

• Worked in various countries and situations all around the world.

• Work well in unsupervised situations or remote locations.

• Highly motivated and very organized.

• Able to work on and organize many projects at the same time.

• Use to working under pressure situations.

• Have spent 20+ years working overseas with people from various countries and cultures.

Career Summary

• 30+ years’ experience in Canadian, Libyan, Iranian, Syrian, Tunisian, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Russian, & Kazakhstan oil and gas industry.
• Have worked on rig export mobilizations in North America, Eastern & Western Europe, Africa, China, & The Middle East.
• Have worked from 1985 to 2002 and again from 2009 until present continuously overseas, on both rotational and live in positions.
• Started off in the Oilfield in Canada in 1977 on Rig Up Crews and since that time I have been employed in many aspects of the Drilling & Workover Industry in Canada and overseas, as well as the sales of oilfield equipment to overseas clients.

Senior Logistics & Materials Manager
July 2009 until December 2014.
Responsible for organizing and managing International Rig Mobilizations. Management of Global Logistics team and organized Supervisors & crews. Working with major International Freight forwarders to ensure all rig mobilization shipments were completed safely, timely and within budget. Responsible for material & equipment procurement / movement for global operations.

General Manager
November 2002 until July 2009
For a Canadian trading company selling oilfield equipment, and spare parts to various clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea area, the Middle East, and various other countries around the world.

Purchasing & Materials Manager
October 1993 until July 2001

International Purchasing & Logistics Manager
July 2001 to October 2002.
For a drilling contractor / oilfield service company in Oman.

Materials Supervisor
March 1985 until October 1993
In various in overseas postings & countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Rig Experience:
Derrick Hand, Motor Man, Roughneck

Positions Held :

• Senior Logistics & Materials Manager

• General Manager

• International Purchasing & Logistics Manager

• Purchasing / Materials Manager

• Materials Supervisor

• Derrick Hand

• Motor Man

• Roughneck

• Shipper Receiver

• Yard Hand

• Rig Up Crew Labor

Employment History :

Weatherford Drilling International ( International Contract Drilling Company ) Dubai, U.A.E.
Employed From : July 2009 to December 2014

Based Out Of Dubai Working 35 / 35 Rotation

(Most work rotations 7-13 weeks due to project type rig mobilizations.)

Position Held : Sr. Logistics & Materials Manager

Reason For Leaving : Released in December 2014 due to corporate restructuring.

Duties :
• Responsible for organizing and managing International Rig Mobilizations on a door to door basis, including the management of all commercial issues, export/ import documentation, packing, loading, off-loading of the rig packages, via road & sea transport.

• Managing Rig Mobilization tender process including the writing & issuing of the Invitations to Tender, review and selection of bidders, tender bid reviews, bid analysis, & award of tender.

• Hands on in country management in various countries around the world in regards to the setup of rig export mobilizations including setting up local agents, hiring of packing crews, arranging in country crane / equipment / & labor, customs brokerage services, port services, etc.

• Hands on supervision of port services including the receiving of cargo into the port, in port equipment repairs, as well as the supervision of truck loading, vessel loading and discharging.

• Managing the Global Logistics team and organizing Supervisors & crews to required operations globally to prepare the rigs for export as well as having personal on site to receive the rig into the country of importation.

• Working closely with major International Freight forwarders to ensure all our shipments were completed safely, timely and within budget.

• Responsible for material & equipment procurement / movement for Operations Globally.

• Have personally managed export rig mobilizations, hands on in country, in Algeria, Bahrain, Canada, China, Holland, India, Italy, Iraq (South), Libya, Qatar, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, & United Arab Emirates.

Canam Pipe & Supply ( Oilfield Trading Company ) Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Employed From : November 2002 to July 2009 (Based In Calgary Live In Position)
Position Held : General Manager
Reason For Leaving : The opportunity to work overseas again on a rotational basis.

Duties :
• Supplying oilfield equipment and spare parts to overseas clients.

• Day to day operations of the Calgary office.

• Dealing with overseas clients regarding general inquiries, request for quotations, purchase orders, tender projects, etc.

• Setting up procedures in regards to quality control, office operations, personnel related issues, client inquiries, freight forwarders, manufactures, distributors, and suppliers.

• Human Resources.

• Identifying, contacting, and setting up alliances with manufactures, distributors, suppliers, and freight forwarders.

• Supervising inside sales personnel in regards to the identifying equipment and spare parts, obtaining pricing, quoting overseas clients, processing of purchase orders, and delivery of orders & equipment.

• Supervising logistics personnel in regards to quoting freight rates, and shipping equipment and spare parts to overseas clients on various Incoterms.

• Working with overseas outside sales representatives regarding processing inquiries received from overseas clients.

• Working with the finance department on all aspects of orders, letters of credit, etc.

• Assisting with the development & marketing of Canam’s line of progressing cavity pumping ( PCP ) systems.

• Assisting in the setup, design, maintenance, and updating, of Canam’s web site.

• Handling major tender projects from start to finish, including delivery to the end destination.

M.B. Petroleum Services LLC. ( International Drilling, Workover, Well Service Contractor ) Muscat, Oman
Employed From : October 1993 to October 2002 (Based In Muscat Live In Position)
Position Held : International Purchasing & Logistics Manager – July 2001 – Oct. 2002
Purchasing / Materials Manager – October 1993 – July 2001
Reason For Leaving :The opportunity to move my family back to Canada after having lived in Oman for 9+ years.

Duties :

July 2001 – Oct. 2002:
• Purchasing of capital equipment from overseas and local manufacture’s and suppliers.

• Importation & exportation of complete rig packages, related equipment, & spare parts, into and out of Oman as well as other M.B. Petroleum Locations worldwide, including documentation, logistics, etc.

October 1993 – July 2001 :
• Purchasing spare parts, equipment, & supplies, for M.B. Petroleum’s workover and drilling rigs, well testing units, wireline units, pumping units, coiled tubing units, mobile camps, and fleet of Kenworth, Peterbilt, Western Star, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, H.D. Trucks and Light Vehicles.

• Setting up a purchasing system, and establishing purchasing procedures.

• Setting up computerized purchasing and inventory control system, (TAG System).

• Setting up a network of suppliers in Oman, U.A.E., Europe, & North America.

• Establishing credit facilities with new suppliers.

• Coordinating importation of parts & equipment from overseas suppliers.

• Working alongside the financial department of M.B. Petroleum.

• Training Local & Asian purchasing assistants and warehouse personal.

• Setting up and supervising the main coastal based warehouse as well as the base camp warehouse in the field, including the setting up proper inventory & cost control procedures, hiring and supervision of personnel, and the day to day running of the coastal based warehouse.

• I was also involved in the purchasing and importation / exportation of equipment & spare parts for M.B. Petroleum’s Asia Pacific Wireline Division, Saudi Arabia Wireline Division, & Yemen Well Services Division.

• I have as also involved in setting up the purchasing & warehouse procedures for M.B. Petroleum as they relate to quality and HSE, and have been involved in M.B. Petroleum’s successful bid to obtain ISO-9002 certification.

Canadian Triton International Ltd. (Triton Rig And Oil field Equipment) Ahwaz, Iran
Employed From : June 1992 to October 1993 (Based In Ahwaz Working 35 / 35 Rotation)
Position Held : Materials Supervisor
Reason For Leaving : Completion Of CTI Contract.

Duties :
• Supplying materials, supplies, spare parts, etc., for CTI’s fleet of 12 Diesel Electric Drilling Rigs, support and transportation equipment in Southern Iran.

• Day to day warehouse operations.

• Computerized inventory control, setting up warehouse, yard organization, supervision of warehouse and yard personnel, Expiate and Local.

• Ordering spare parts from our purchasing office in Houston Texas.

• Local purchasing of supplies and spare parts.

Nabors Drilling Company ( International Drilling Contractor / Transport Company ) Houston, Texas, USA
Employed From : April 1992 to June 1992 (Based In Yemen Working 28 / 28 Rotation)
Position Held : Materials Supervisor

Duties :
• Inventory setup, parts & equipment sorting, warehouse organization and inventory control at Nabors-Crest Trucking Base Camp in the interior in Yemen.

Challenger International Services ( International Drilling Contractor ) Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Employed From : December 1991 to April 1992 (Based Out Of Tunisia & Syria, Working 35 / 35 Rotation)

Due to economic problems within Challenger Limited I spent parts of 1991 and 1992 working between Libya, for Challenger Limited, and Syria and Tunisia for Challenger International Services.
Position Held : Materials Supervisor
Reason For Leaving : Laid off due to economic problems within Challenger Limited & Challenger International Services.

Duties :
• Setting up inventory control systems and filing systems at main offices and various warehouse locations at the rigs and in the field.

• Training Local warehouse personnel on Challenger’s inventory control procedures.

Challenger Limited ( International Drilling and Workover Contractor ) Benghazi, Libya
Employed From : March 1985 to December 1991 (Based In Benghazi,  Working 28 / 28 & 35 / 35 Rotations)
Position Held : Materials Supervisor
Reason For Leaving : Laid off due to economic problems within Challenger Limited & Challenger International Services.

Duties :
• Supplying materials, spare parts, and supplies for Challenger’s fleet of drilling rig, workover rigs, water well rigs, mobile camps, warehouse, yard and office.

• Supplying materials, supplies and spare parts for Challenger’s fleet of Kenworth and Foremost Sow bed trucks, Caterpillar and Volvo loaders, Caterpillar bulldozer, and light duty transport vehicles.

• Ordering spare parts, supplies, food supplies, from our purchasing office in Nisku Alta. Canada, and from suppliers in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

• Importation of spare parts, supplies, food supplies etc.

• Sorting and control of all shipping documents issued to local Customs Clearing Agents.

• Warehouse inventory control, manual Kardex system & basic computerized system.

• Shipping spare parts from the Benghazi warehouse to rig locations at various locations in the field.

• Local purchasing of spare parts, supplies, fresh meat and produce.

• Month end and warehouse distribution reporting & control

• Year end inventory and physical stock taking.

• Operating of telex machine, general typing and filing.

• Supervision of Benghazi yard and warehouse employees.

Kenting Drilling Company ( Drilling Contractor ) Nisku, Alberta, Canada
Employed From : August 1977 To February 1985 (Based In Nisku, & Various Rig Locations In Alberta & British Columbia)
Position Held : Shipper/Receiver, Derrick Hand, Motor Man, Roughneck, Yard Hand
Reason For Leaving : Offered overseas work with Challenger Limited.

Duties :
• Receiving and shipping of spare parts and supplies from suppliers to Rig locations in the field.

• Manual inventory control.

• Warehouse organization.

• Also worked for 2 years on Kenting’s Rig 21-E at various locations in Northern Alberta and British Columbia, in the positions of Derrick Hand, Motor Man, and Roughneck.

Nabors Drilling Company ( Drilling Contractor Company ) Nisku, Alberta, Canada
Employed From : June 1977 To August 1977 (Based In Nisku : Live In Position)
Position Held : Rig Up Crew & Yard Labor
Reason For Leaving : Offered Shipper / Receiver position at Kenting Drilling.

Duties :
• General yard labor.

• Welders Helper.

• Fabrication of rig matting.

• General rig up labor.